Alicia Keys – Golden Child

Alicia Keys is revisiting her sophomore album, and happily, she’s ready to include a couple of songs that didn’t make the album cut at the time (like Taylor Swift’s “The Vault songs” but on fire, pun intended).

As this December marks two decades since the release of The Diary of Alicia Keys, Keys has decided to release a record with 24 tracks, which includes “Golden Child,” a song she first shared via her website AKVault in December 2013. AKVault served as an archival place where she could share unreleased live performances, studio recordings, blog posts, behind-the-scenes videos, and more, before its deactivation a few years later. The inspirational song began life as a poem, appearing in Alicia’s book Tears For Water: Songbook of Poems and Lyrics in 2004.

In the song, Keys sings about the doubts that sometimes eat away at our souls leaving us helpless and defenseless against life’s disappointments. In the beginning verse, she recalls losing her joy just because she awoke to a new day. However, when we get to the chorus, we hear her urging herself to be strong, as she sings, “Girl, you can’t be scared / Gotta stand up strong / Let ’em see what shines in you / Push aside the part / Laying in your heart / Like an ocean is deep, dark, and blue.”

In the second pre-chorus, she advises herself to “Look in your heart and see what shines in you / Push aside the heartless / That feeds you darkness.” The lyrics are a reflection of the kind of highly inspirational songwriting Keys is known for. It also has a laid-back R&B vibe to it that fans appreciate.

“I wrote this song to pull myself up out of a slump I was in,” Keys shared at the time. “Feelings of not going anywhere, fears of not being able to make it.” With 20 years standing in between the time the song was originally written and its upcoming release, it kind of gets to be a guide back to the global singer’s early years.

In celebration of the release of the extended version of The Diary of Alicia Keys, the singer will perform the record in full at New York’s Webster Hall on Friday, December 1st. New York was chosen because it inspired most of the songs on the album.

Keys heavily teased the roll-out with her fans, also revealing that a special edition of the album will include a bonus disc of remixes and alternate takes and a live performance of album cuts performed at Webster Hall.