Alan Walker & Daya – Heart over Mind 

The Walkerworld is finally here and it’s blowing the mind of The Walkers everywhere. “Heart over Mind” sees Alan Walker paying homage to the world he’s built over the years through his music and the “unity” he’s inspired amongst his massive fan base. The song, which features vocalist Daya, is about the struggles we go through when our heart wants us to choose a path that’s different from what we’re expected to be.

I should’ve locked the door / Pinned myself to the floor / Made someone cover my eyes / ‘Cause when the devil’s on my left tellin’ me to go ahead / You’re right back in my mind,” Daya sings, detailing the struggle happening in her mind as she tries to break free from the status quo.

After all the “tug of war,” things finally come to a head when she asks “How do I cut the chord?” and finds herself determined to “pick a side tonight.”

The accompanying visuals introduce us to a world that makes everyone do the same thing every day. When the clock strikes 6, we hear a voice say, “Good morning citizens of Nexus. Another day of progress awaits. Thanks to your dedication and hard work, we remain strong. Remember, unity in Nexus, strength in order. Have a productive day.”

The music starts, and we’re introduced to the main character, who slowly starts to question his existence in the Nexus. Along the line, he starts seeing messages and cues like “there’s a better world out there,” hinting he should break free from his boring existence. Each of the messages feature the Walker symbol and when he finally follows them out of the Nexus, he sees the message, “What took you so long?” At the end, Daya is in a car in the real world and sees our main character in a poster for a movie titled “Nexus World.”

Opening up about the song and accompanying video, Walker wrote, “In the past few weeks, I have felt so much joy, unity, and care from our little community. Since I announced Walkerworld you have showered me with kind words and fantastic theories about what lies ahead. That’s why it brings me joy to surprise you in return. The single “Heart over Mind” features @daya on vocals, along with a brand new music video that, yes, takes us into the World of Walker lore.”

But that’s not the only thing that will be taking us inside the Walker lore, because the DJ and EDM producer announced that he is opening a playable theme park experience set in the world of Walker at Fortnite/EEFN. It is set to open to the public on December 12.