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GAWD – Cathedral City

GAWD is a spiritual awakening for the music lover’s soul


Fresh off their debut EP release, R&B duo GAWD reflects on their creative journey. Exploring sexuality, womanhood, and spiritual healing, Cathedral City is an ode to the human experience and evolution. The ten-track project successfully blends multiple genres to create a harmonious style all their own while also featuring visuals for each song.

“I think we were healing ourselves and are continuing to heal ourselves throughout our artistic journey,” the artists share. The project opens with “Damn You’re a Girl” acting as an introduction before moving into the breakout single, “NVM.” The mellow guitar riff fades into a powerful bass line as they sing, “I get what I want and it’s not you, I do what I want and I want to, leave you alone for the night, I called you asked you to come over, but I changed my mind in the middle of the sofa.” The track nonchalantly discusses the importance of consent while creating a sultry satisfaction for the ears. 

The songs continue to develop into empowering sounds of liberation and expression. “Two Hot” dives into the trap of being too available for the wrong suitor. The accompanying visual shows the two artists dancing for a gentleman in a living room. He records the dancers on a camcorder, his gaze never leaving the screen. They belt, “Love me or don’t, you can’t have both.”

As the EP progresses, each track provides a different sense of heightened awareness as if reading the duo’s diary. The artists share, “It does kind of start lower vibrational in your ego, very visceral at the top of the project. Then at the end, it’s all heart. It’s all connection.” Each song is another page out of their book. 

The final two songs, “S+R” and “More” both portray companionship and their connection to others. Their emotional bond is apparent in every verse. The two play off each other to effortlessly complement one another. “S+R” showcases the strength and resiliency of the relationship. They repeat the chorus, “If shit go south we straight.” The tempo is faster and the verses are delivered in a quicker flow, proving they can rap as well. 

“More” closes out the project as a positive affirmation for all to hear. The visual features members of their families as they chant, “More than enough.” The single is a powerful reminder that even on the hardest days, everyone is worthy and more than enough. 

GAWD is redefining what it means to be a modern artist. Cathedral City is a renaissance of contemporary music, building upon the existing elements and creating a sound for the new age of R&B. With a refreshing vulnerability and limitless talent, GAWD is the next duo worthy of superstardom.