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Introducing: Lo Lauren

As everyone starts to share their Spotify Wrapped and reflect on the music they’ve been obsessed with this year, just know that there is a whole bunch of new talent ready to be your next obsession. Let me introduce you to Lo Lauren, a spanking brand new British songstress who is unapologetically pop and ready to make 2024 one to remember.

With just three releases under her belt — “Never the One,” “Only One on Earth,” and “Monster” — Lo Lauren has already garnered the admiration of BBC Radio 1, supported Rudimental, and received a co-sign by none other than Elton John. As she continues to embark on what she is manifesting to be a long-lived career, EUPHORIA. spoke to Lo Lauren to get to know her a little better.

Let’s go back to the beginning — when did you know you wanted to be a pop star?

Since I can remember I have always had the urge to be on stage performing, but I think a lightbulb moment for me was when I went to see Katy Perry on her “California Dreams Tour” — the show was something I’d never seen before; a combination of incredible feel-good, relatable songs, musical-style performances, stories brought to life, animations, plotlines, characters, the most incredible stage production and I was just like – ok I need to do that!

Do you remember how old you were when you wrote your first song, and what was it called?

I think I was 17 and it was called ‘Beautiful’ – about 1920s hedonism and inspired by The Great Gatsby which was the book I was reading at the time. I loved analyzing literature at school, so that’s the first thing that felt natural to write about. It wasn’t until a while after that I started to write about my own personal experiences and those around me.

Your debut single, “Never the One,” dropped in the summer. What was it about that song that you wanted to launch with?

It just felt right is the simple answer! I love the empowering sentiment and making people feel good is so important to me.

Your music has been receiving praise from music critics and also is getting spins on major radio stations like Radio 1. What do you believe was the turning point in your career that helped you get to this point?

Making music that I genuinely love, with people I love! I went through a phase of trying to be ‘cool’ and that ended up just being a watered-down version of me, but now I am making music I really want to make and would genuinely listen to, which is so much more fun and I think that positivity flows through the music.

You’re three releases into your career — have you found there to be any challenges while trying to make your breakthrough?

There are definitely many challenges like comparison, and motivating yourself to keep posting on social media. My advice is to make sure you take downtime and try not to spend all day on your phone! But the bottom line is we’re just getting started and the response so far has been amazing, so I’m super grateful and really enjoying the process, which is the main thing.

“Monster” is your latest offering. Talk to me about the inspiration behind this song.

Monster was inspired by a real situation – wanting to be with someone who was already in a relationship, which is incredibly peak and confusing. We wanted to explore this feeling of being torn, questioning what’s right and wrong, and wishing you could ignore your morals.

Generally speaking, what is your creative process like?

I generally like to prepare concepts, titles, and mood boards before heading into the studio so that I have ideas to tap into when writing and collaborating with people. In terms of actually writing, I don’t have a strict process, just whatever feels good in the room and how the session flows.

Your music is unapologetically pop. How is the other material sounding? Can we expect something unexpected?

It is! I love out-and-out pop music. 2010 is the golden era in my opinion, so you may hear a nod to that in the new songs.

What about a project? Can we expect an EP in the upcoming months?

Yes. I’m so excited and currently planning to release my first project next year.

If you could collaborate with one dead artist and another who’s still living, who would you choose?

Freddie Mercury and Taylor Swift.

How much live experience do you have? I see you recently supported Rudimental for a charity gig. Is that world quite new to you still?

It’s an area that I’m confident and comfortable in because performing is my favorite thing to do, but in reality, I’ve only played a handful of shows, so in that sense, it’s quite new.

Now that 2023 is coming to an end. What are you manifesting for next year?

Shows!! I would love to play my first ever festivals, go on a support tour, and start sharing these songs with people around the world.