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Introducing: Hayku Kyah

When it comes to making an impact through music, Hayku Kyah has gotten it down to a science. The Canadian-born Australian artist’s debut EP I Thought You Should Hear It From Me is a testament to Kyah’s lyrical prowess and her ability to create incredible music across genres. The EP is being released in time for the new moon to mark the new beginning of her career. 

The track “Lune,” meaning moon in French, sets the tone for the EP, emphasizing Kyah’s desire to be heard through her art. Kyah’s affinity with the cosmic energies is especially prevalent through Lyrics like “Fire sign on the placement / But the moon and I are adjacent / I strut the path I’m taking / Cause these shoes are quite the statement,” demonstrate her affinity with cosmic forces and the bold, unapologetic statements she makes through her music.


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“Swan Dive” is considered one of Kyah’s first ventures into rap and touches upon her own self-discovery and identity that she’s struggled with since the move to Australia at a young age.

“When I was growing up, I struggled a lot with the elements of race that were a part of most everything,” Kyah explained to EUPHORIA. “I was always a writer, so I would write poetry and I wrote with my friend who struggled with his queerness. So we would write poetry and recite it to each other, which provided a moment of reprieve for the both of us.” 

“Swan Dive” is one of the more vulnerable tracks that she’s put out thus far, and reflects her own inner dialogue with herself. “I wrote that chorus when I was visiting someone in the ICU and like I was just humming it in the hallway because I really didn’t know if I was gonna see this person again. And the rest of the song represents my two personalities having this dialogue. There are a lot of bold statements on it about being a new vanguard of rap and there’s also a lot of vulnerability questioning if I can measure up to the greatness of the person I rap about.” 

“Earth Angel,” which leans more into the poetic side of Kyah’s music and demonstrates how diverse her range is on this EP. “Earth Angel is really about those moments where you fall so far down, but then are able to grow your own wings,” Kyah said. “You look around and you see the hands that are reaching out to pull you out of that dark place.” The lyrics “No one to catch me / So my wings expanded / No longer grounded / I looked and I found it / Found myself surrounded / Earth angels around me” are some of the most profound and heartfelt from the track.  

What is most unique about Kyah is her own musical range and talent, to be able to write and sing more poetic songs like “Earth Angel” and seamlessly transition into a rap song like “Swan Dive,” but a huge part of that influence comes directly from her own musical inspirations. Artists like Macy Gray and Kanye West played a key role in shaping her influences and inspired her own tracks and music. But one of the biggest artists Kyah felt most connected with was Rihanna, because of their shared Caribbean roots, which was not necessarily easy for her to feel that connection while living in Melbourne.

“I remember a trip to Toronto that I took when I was younger to visit my cousin. She played me Nicki Minaj’s “Still I Rise” for the first time and to this day, I still know every word to that song. It was those little moments for me that had such a huge impact on the music that I put out today, and my music influence isn’t simply just focused on hip hop or other genres.” 

I Thought You Should Hear It From Me is now available across all streaming platforms.