CANNONS – Heartbeat Highway


The electronic and indie pop band CANNONS invites listeners to travel through the nostalgic and winding road of life, love, and everything in between in their latest album Heartbeat Highway. Inspired by their travels and experiences over the last few years of touring, the Los Angeles-based band, which consists of lead singer Michelle Joy, lead guitarist Ryan Clapham, and drum key player Paul Davis, was able to create a body of work that aims to be the soundtrack to your next adventure, whatever that may be. 

Unlike the band’s previous album Fever Dream, which was written during the pandemic, the songs on Heartbeat Highway were written and produced while touring across the US, Japan, and Australia. 

“A lot of those songs from Fever Dream were written out of our bedrooms and felt a little bit more separated,” said Michelle Joy. “But the really cool thing about Heartbeat Highway is that all of these songs were written while we were experiencing life on the road and we were able to go out and actually work with some different songwriters and producers and get into studios and test the waters in a lot of different areas that were we weren’t used.” 

The perfect driving song on the album is the title track and first song “Heartbeat Highway,which  embodies the band’s travels and also serves as a sweet nod to their fans and the special connection that inspired the track and the entire album. 

“From the beginning, fans have told us how much they love to drive to our music and we’ve spent a lot of time on the road,” Joy explained. “So ‘Heartbeat Highway’ ties our experience to the way that people like to listen to our music. It’s the idea that you’re not sure when you’re gonna see each other again, but like we will have this last night together to hang out and it feels like an anthem for that special relationship. But the song is also a nod to the relationships people have with others because I definitely want everyone to have their own experience with it in their own way.” 

Some of the more poignant lyrics on “Heartbeat Highway” like “And I’m here tonight to ride this though / And just for tonight, I’m here with you / ‘Cause I’m goin’ through emotions in motion with you” demonstrate the impactful connection that the band built with their fans and just how connected they get to feel when meeting them on the road. 

Along with “Heartbeat Highway,” Joy also recommended the track “Desire” as one of the two best songs to play while driving. The sultry track speaks to the breathless moment of attraction and how it can engulf a person. The 80s-inspired instrumentals and lyrics like “I’m holding you tightly / Bathing inside your glow / ‘Cause I got a fire / I feel it starting to grow” play into the all-consuming need for the person that captures your attention. 

The track “Crush” taps into the heart-racing euphoria of first love and the joys of falling in love. Joy’s hypnotic vocals combined with the sultry lyrics like “I feel my heart exploding / My blood begins to rush / This feeling, I can’t ignore it / This can’t be just a crush” encapsulates the anxiety and excitement when developing deeper feelings for someone beyond just surface-level attraction. 

One of the distinctive qualities of CANNONS’ music is their ability to tap into optimism, even when singing from a place of longing and heartbreak. This quality is especially front and center throughout Heartbeat Highway

“I listen to all types of music and I’ll go through phases depending on how I feel,” says Joy. “But when I’m sad, I personally don’t want something that I’m listening to necessarily be inherently sad. It’s more comforting to listen to a song and feel like ‘Oh, this person understands what I’m feeling right now and It totally sucks. But it’s not going to be the end of me.’”

Heartbeat Highway is now available across all streaming platforms.