Zoe Wees – Sorry For The Drama

Zoe Wees’ upcoming November 3rd album, Therapy, just got more real with her latest release, “Sorry For The Drama.” The song is a vulnerable look back at her childhood days and about growing up with a single parent who’s just trying to make ends meet. In what she terms her “open letter,” the singer-songwriter looks back at how she added to her mother’s sorrows by not understanding that things aren’t the same for them as it is for others.

I truly believe this is one of the most relatable songs I’ve ever heard, because if you aren’t from a particularly rich home where you can just wish for a pony for Christmas and get it, you’re bound to write things on your wishlist you’re not going to get. And sometimes you find yourself wondering why you can’t have what other kids are having. This can, of course, lead to tantrums that in no way benefit your parents or guardians. But that’s just you being a child. However, Wees is owning up to her mistakes, and thanking her mother for the strength she had to overcome numerous obstacles to raise her.

No, I’ve never seen / The sunset from the other side of the world / No, I’ve never been / Where they play ’round with the diamonds and pearls,” she sings in the song’s opening verse of the luxuries she missed out on as a child.

I love that the song isn’t about missing out on all these luxurious things, but about her going through maturity and realizing she wasn’t exactly being helpful by wishing she had expensive things. “We were never rich kids, rich kids / And always had a wish list at Christmas / I thought that I was missin’ somethin’ / And I’m so-so-so sorry, Mum, I’m sorry for all the drama.”

Writing on social media, she said, “This song is an open letter to my mum, reflecting on my childhood & how she supported me through it.” She also shared a video clip where she explained that, as a kid, she was always wanting things they couldn’t afford, even though her mother was working so hard already. She confessed that she didn’t really recognize how hard her mom was working at the time.

She later added that “[Sorry For The Drama] helped me to reflect and heal in so many ways. I hope my music brings you the same peace and comfort I feel when I am creating it for you.”

“Sorry For The Drama” appears as the first track in Wees’ upcoming 20-track album, which has already spawned the songs, “Lightning,” and “Don’t Give Up.” Wees penned the emotional track with Patrick Salmy, Ricardo Muñoz Repko, Hight, Paul Goller, and Keven Wolfsohn, with Salmy and Repko producing.