The Kid LAROI – What Just Happened

In “What Just Happened,” The Kid LAROI is blearily remembering a night when he cheated on his girlfriend with her close friend. In the song, he blames the drugs and claims he’s not in control of his own decisions. He also hints that he might have tried to change his mind midway, but the “cold, cold,” girl didn’t let him. However, the song does clearly indicate that he was the first to make a move and call her over.

“I don’t know if we just crossed the line / ‘Cause I don’t even know what just happened,” he starts the song with.

Since his debut, LAROI has not shied away from singing about the darker parts of love, from confessing that he’s no good to be in a relationship with to actually detailing cheating on his girl with her friend.

“I said some things about you and us / I said some things that you shouldn’t trust / Yeah, we both know you don’t give a f**k / Friends with my girl, but you wanna f**k,” he describes the unfortunate moment, going on to blame the drugs.

The accompanying music video sees LAROI battle with his demons, as the video kicks off with him and two girls in bunny outfits. The video is cut with scenes that contain dialogue, including one where LAROI is telling a girl to sit back down, but she refuses on the account that she loves standing. Another one shows them being kicked out of a car at night.

Ahead of the release of his debut studio album THE FIRST TIME this November, LAROI took to Instagram to thank fans for their continued support of his music.

“It’s almost been 2 and half years since I last dropped a project and im proud to say that this one is SO much better than anything I’ve ever released… ever,” he captioned the album’s cover art, which sees him lounging on a plastic white chair with a mask resting on his stomach. “Thank you for sticking around this long and I’m sorry that sometimes it’s hard being a supporter of mine. I’ve had a lot of different experiences these past couple of years and life has been nothing short of insane. There’s no record or song or lyric that could ever fully describe to you what it’s been like but I hope this album gives you a slight idea! Extremely grateful that I get to share this stuff with you all. I wouldn’t be anything without y’all so thank you again. I love you all beyond words.”