The Kid LAROI, Jung Kook & Central Cee – Too Much

The Kid LAROI’s debut album rollout is still happening, and this time around, he’s decided to recruit Jung Kook and Central Cee for his latest single. The US, the UK, and South Korea are represented in this ultimate collab track that’s sure to make a splash on the Billboard charts. And let’s not forget that Justin Bieber sang on the demo and is listed as one of the song’s writers. So, it’s not a wonder that it’s trending like wildfire at the moment.

“Too Much” blends three musical styles from three cultures together with a bounce that gives it an irresistible touch. “Uh, if we had the chance and the time to spend / Would you do it again? Would you do it again? / Was it too much?” BTS’ Jung Kook kicks off the song with the chorus, singing about a complicated relationship. Throughout the song, we learn that the problem in the relationship comes from the partner being too distrustful of their motives, even though they promise that they’re not cheating around.

Central Cee comes in on the second verse, rapping, “Am I doin’ too much? / Do you understand my slang and get my sense of humor? / When your girlfriends tell you I been fuckin’ ’round / Would you believe me if I told you that they lyin’ and that’s just a rumor?” Central Cee then goes on to add that he’s willing to give the relationship one more go, as long as there’s no more drama.

In the accompanying Ramez Silyan-directed video, we see the three collaborators featured on various covers of a fictional “Too Much” magazine. Their covers come to life in colorful performance vignettes. The video is said to ponder the meaning of love under the gaze of celebrity culture and obsession.

The single arrives with limited edition CDs and is a strong introduction to the second phase of LAROI’s album roll-out. LAROI and Central Cee are both co-writers on the track, alongside Bieber, Omer Fedi, Jasper Harris, Emile Haynie, Blake Slatkin, and Billy Walsh.

This November will see LAROI’s first full-length album drop, marking his first project since 2021’s mixtape F*ck Love, which topped the Billboard 200 albums chart back in 2021 and included breakout singles such as “Without You” and “Stay” with Bieber. Since his debut, he’s been praised by Billboard as “three of the biggest male artists in the new class of 2020s breakout stars.”