Tems – Me & U

Tems’ “Me & U” marks the first single from the Nigerian Lagos-based artist in two years, and of course, fans are freaking out. The song is written entirely by Tems, who recently revealed that she’d rather not have a career than gear into the Afro-pop trend of Nigerian artists, with Guilybeatz joining her in the production. Her unique style of lyricism and production has endeared her to a massive audience, and she’s only going to be growing with her debut album almost upon us.

For me to come out / It must mean I’m at the door / It must mean I’m not the same / It must mean I’m on your case,” she sings in the song’s first verse of feeling brave enough to explore that sweet feeling of falling for someone. “I want to show you my world / Give me one break, I need faith / Faith to believe you / Faith to receive you / Give me something, I’m lacking / I don’t need nothing / You are my everything.”

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, she talked about the single, saying, “So funny thing is I actually created this in 2021. It was around the time I shot the video for Essence, and when I heard it, I just went into a trance and I was having a conversation with God about… I’m not sure what it was, I was just in a trance, and I didn’t remember what I had done until I recorded it, but it really was just about the conversation surrounding commitment and faith. I think when you create anything, period, you’re tapping into something spiritual because you’re creating something from nothing. I think music is very spiritual no matter what it sounds like, no matter where it’s from, no matter whether it’s acknowledged or not. I think music always has an energy and I just want to be as honest as I can in my music.”

She added: “’Me & U’ is about discovering the real me, building a genuine relationship with the Creator, and gaining a true perception of self.”

The accompanying music video was self-directed by Tems and shot in Malta. It sees the singer standing in water in certain scenes and surrounded by fire in others. At one point, she falls into the sea in a move that signifies she’s no longer fighting her connection with the person and is ready to explore what it could mean.

Tems also teased that her upcoming album is almost here, even though she refused to give a specific date, due to her shifting plans.