Take That – Windows

Take That, made up of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and Howard Donald, are back with their brand new single, “Windows.” Over the years, Take That has been a household name, gracing fans with hit after hit including “Relight My Fire,” “Patience” and “Never Forget.” With over 45 million records sold worldwide and 12 Number 1 songs, from their anthemic pop songs and catchy choruses to beautiful harmonies, it’s business as usual for Take That. 

From the very first few seconds, Gary Barlow’s vocals capture what fans love about the trio. The blend of Mark Owen and Howard Donald’s harmonies ties it all together and reminds everyone of why the music of one of the UK’s best-selling bands has the impact it has had. This may be a sign of what to expect from their upcoming album, This Life, out on November 24th. Just like the majority of the band’s discography, “Windows,” is one that will go down a treat when performed live.

Speaking on the desire for new beginnings and embracing change, from the relatability factor, passion, and beautifully composed lyrics, “Windows” is a surefire hit that will leave fans in a feel-good mood and excited to see what’s next to come. This is the sign of a new era for Take That, and as always, a desire to challenge the stereotype and also bring in an element of surprise. 

Over the years, Take That has been able to bring together the masses with songs that everyone can enjoy. The presence of all three on “Windows” showcases, through their perfectly fitting harmonies that even after all these years, they’ve seen and done it all, but one thing that continues to stay consistent is their relationship. Whether it is on stage or in the recording studio, a polished, sophisticated, and angelic sound is always heard. Barlow takes a strong lead in the track, but Mark and Howard do not go unnoticed. And that’s why Take That has made it this far in this ever-changing industry. The arrangement of the track is vibrant and brings the song to life. Take That loves to experiment when it comes to their music, but also keeping their authentic sound. This keeps things refreshing and exciting for the listener. 

“Windows” shows that Take That are not there to pander, but to explore their sound and continue to create a discography that they can look back on and be proud of. The same goes for their fans. It is a testament to the timelessness of their songs. Although the departure of Jason Orange and Robbie Williams may have seemed like a negative impact on their fans all those years ago, the tracks that they have released as a three-piece prove otherwise. This new release encapsulates just how far they have come, from boys to men, and what a journey it has been. Signifying the start of something new and letting go of the past, it’s the talent of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen combined to form one of the most successful bands in British chart history.