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RAYE x Hans Zimmer – Mother Nature

“Mother Nature” is RAYE and Hans Zimmer praising the Earth for all it has given us and continues to give us. There’s a beauty in the fact that the lyrics of the song made “Mother Nature” feel real, and, perhaps, even sentient. “Mother Nature” appears in Sir David Attenborough’s BBC nature docuseries, Planet Earth III and features background vocals from the Bastille frontman Dan Smith.

Good morning / Mother Nature painted a sky for us this dawning / She took some crimson reds, and melts them into oranges / She hides the moon behind the curtains safe out of sight,” RAYE sings in the first verse of the track, paying homage to the beautiful lights we see in the sky at dawn. In the chorus she reminds us of our follies, singing, “She’ll be beautiful, so beautiful / For as much as she can stand / Forgive us, Mother Nature / For we know not what we do.” 

RAYE penned the environmentally-conscious track with Zimmer and producer Russell Emanuel for BBC’s 8-episode series that explores oceans, deserts, grasslands, coasts, and more, and how our actions are rapidly changing the world’s habitats.

RAYE said in a statement: “I’ve watched religiously for years, so having this opportunity open for me doesn’t even feel real. David Attenborough and Hans Zimmer are two of my heroes, to be able to compose a song with Hans is BEYOND a wildest dream, and then to hear Sir David narrate over and in between my voice actually brings tears to my eyes. To be able to contribute in my small way to this massively important and equally beautiful documentary series is an honour and a moment I will always cherish.”

Zimmer, a two-time Oscar and four-time Grammy winner, is known for providing the soundtrack to multiple movies, including “Inception,” “Boss Baby,” “Dune,” “Interstellar” and so many others. In the past, he has collaborated with artists such as Alan Walker and has extensively toured with his music. To date, he has scored more than 500 projects across multiple mediums.

“Creating scores for any of the BBC’s Natural History series is always an honour for me as there are no more epic stories than those occurring naturally every day in our own planet’s ecosystem,” Zimmer shared. “For Planet Earth III it’s a further privilege to bring the incredible world class talents of Bastille and Raye to create both a wonderful soundscape for the series, and the beautiful, poignant track, Mother Nature.”