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Music Video Premiere: Natalie Shay – Figure of 8

Rising indie-pop artist Natalie Shay releases her brand new single, “Figure of 8.” The catchy, upbeat, and irresistible track brings listeners into a relationship that is hanging on by a last, tiny thread. Shay sings about realizing her partner is treating her terribly and although she loves them and sees some good in them, she is ready to put herself first and end the relationship.

Talking about the single, she says, “You know that endless cycle when you’re stuck in a toxic yet addictive relationship, where you keep trying to leave and they somehow always find a way to reel you back in? That’s what ‘Figure of 8’ is about. Sometimes it’s easy to fall in love with the potential of someone, especially when they’re so good at saying they’ll change and then not changing. You just keep hoping that maybe this time they actually mean it.”

The lyrics dive deep into the reasons why the relationship doesn’t work. It weaves through the complexities of the back and forth one might go through when deciding if one should stay or go. But it ultimately has a happy ending in that Shay decides she will love herself more than the other person ever will. 

We’re caught in a broken circuit / That I meant to break / And it’s better if it stays that way / You know I feel so guilty / I learned to cry in secrecy / I never tried to change you / But you made me cold.”

In our exclusive premiere of the music video, Shay puts her acting skills to the test.

Check it out below:

Shay has just returned from performing at several festivals, including SXSW Festival, Latitude Festival, and Victorious Festival. Dubbed as “one to watch,” the singer-songwriter also released a b-side titled “play”. These songs were written by Shay in her bedroom at 4 AM, and they show a new vulnerable and raw side of her perspective of this relationship she was in. “play”, an acoustic ballad, goes into why some people are drawn to toxic relationships and find it hard to leave their partner.

Shay says, “This track is a self-aware piece about making those conscious, deliberate mistakes. Knowing what’s going on in your trauma bond, knowing this person isn’t right for you, but almost choosing to put yourself through it as an escape from reality or self-punishment.”

This comes after the success of Shay’s previous single, “The Edge.” She worked on both these tracks with an all-women group and wants to encourage her listeners to always put themselves first, just like she did.