Nessa Barrett – club heaven

Nessa Barrett’s “club heaven” will be causing a lot of tears to flow for a long time to come. It’s a miracle how much we can connect to songs, and how much of a healing power they can have, and, while Barrett is no stranger to making emotionally stirring music, this may be her most vulnerable one to date.

We wish our loved ones the best in this life, and that feeling is not gone even when they pass on, and “I hope you’re dancin’ in club Heaven” sums up that feeling in one very catchy phrase. I especially love how she’s not just straight on touching on the points she wants to make, but taking a meandering way to it. It makes it easy for listeners to go “oh, that’s what she means,” and it has the added power of packing a lot of emotions into every little phrase. “You always liked an afterparty, so I guess I shoulda known / Said we hate the paparazzi, now you’re somewhere they can’t go,” she sings in the opening verse, touching on her friend Cooper Noriega’s passing and the implications of that decision.

I hope you know I’m sorry, that I’m not with you right now / Can’t pick up when you call me, can’t hear it through the clouds,” she sings in the song she meaningfully dedicated to Cooper and the victims of suicide. The song’s cover picture is one of her and Cooper together.

In the bridge, Barrett painfully wonders whether she’ll see her friend again, especially since she might not be good enough to get into “club heaven,” a theme we heard her explore in her young forever’s “dear god.”

The slow-burning song, which sees Barrett use her signature soft voice to break down whatever emotional issues we don’t want to address, was recorded in the artist’s bedroom. Even though she first revealed the song’s existence in the Zach Sang Show, she did say it’s not a track she plans to ever release at the time. After going through some emotional healing, she felt brave enough to release the song, in hopes it might offer help to others on their healing journey.

The accompanying music video sees Barrett arrive in a white limo at an event. As she steps out, she is repeatedly photographed by many cameras. However, when the limo pulls away, she runs after it, later turning up on Cooper Avenue. She enters a club there. At the end of the video, she sees a glowing outline of a person – possibly Cooper – and follows him through a door. Instead, she turns up on the street outside the club and sees the number “28” written in the sky. And now, I’ll leave you to decipher what it means, should you choose.