Photo: Yulissa Benitez

Maggie Lindemann & Siiickbrain – deprecating 

Fans have been begging for a Maggie Lindemann and Siiickbrain collab album since the two blended their amazing talents together for a killer song titled “GASLIGHT!” back in 2020. Since then, we’ve gotten other precious gifts from these two talented artists, including “break me!” and it’s great that 2023 doesn’t get to be over without these two joining forces for a brand new song, “deprecating.”

“deprecating” couldn’t have arrived at a much better time, because what better time to listen to the ‘out of this world’ screech sound that only siiickbrain can do than in spooky season? And yes, we also get to call out manipulative and sick exes while we’re at it.

Manipulation, nightmares lucid / Deprecatin’, mind pollution / Living while you’re disapprovin,” Siiickbrain kicks off the song, singing about the negative impacts of surviving a toxic relationship.

Throughout the song, we hear lines like “If you love me, will you let me go? / If you loved me, you would let it show,” questioning the honesty of the ex and others like “How can you sleep in the dark / When you’re killing someone that is harmless” exposing us to the negative sides of ever being with a dishonest person. Elsewhere, Siiickbrain sings, “Talkin’ like you’re dignified (Yeah) / Words that cut like jagged knives.”

In short, “deprecating” is about the aftermath of a toxic relationship, after being lied to, deceived, and manipulated more times than you care to count. On the inspiration behind “deprecating,” Maggie shared, “deprecating is about being manipulated. It’s about someone who is constantly installing a false narrative in your head. You’re trying to live your own life, and they are just constantly installing a fear in you to keep you from living.”

“deprecating” is Lindemann’s first musical offering since the release of her debut album, SUCKERPUNCH. The album saw Lindemann tap into her sound and delve deeper into the world of pop punk and alternative rock than she’s ever had to before.

The single is said to signal that the “Pretty Girl” hitmaker is planning a new and completely different era, just after her sold-out headline tour. It also could be the lead single to be released from an upcoming album, said to come out in 2024, according to Genius.

Lindemann and Siiickbrain teamed with producer No Love For the Middle Child to pen the electrifying track. Lindemann initially teased fans about the coming of a brand new single on September 19, when she responded to a fan asking her to release a new song with “okay.”