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Lauren Spencer Smith – Sad Forever

In “Sad Forever,” Lauren Spencer Smith wonders why she’s still sad even though she’s living her dreams. “I got a couple songs people like to talk about / And I should be happy,” she sings in the slow emotional track.

“Sad Forever” is Lauren peeling back the layers of flashy celebrity life to reveal the true emotion that lies beneath — sadness. It’s something she worries might not pass, “I know people say / “It comes and goes”, but, if I’m feelin’ it every day / It’s more than a bad week.”

In a truly relatable line, she asks whether it’s possible she could be happy if her “hopes and dreams all came together.” Unfortunately, it’s not a question Lauren has an answer for, at least not in this song.

The accompanying music video kind of acts like an extension of the song, as Smith steps into a lighted set amidst the cheers from an unseen audience. She then sings about her sorrows in the pouring rain. At the end, when she’s done showing us what she feels like behind the scenes, she glams herself up to step out on stage and perform for her fans. Coming out onstage to the greetings of claps and cheers from adoring fans, she gives her sweetest smile.

“This song is a reminder to myself, and hopefully to everyone, that you never know what someone is going through beneath the surface. Social media is weird and we often mostly show the happy moments. This song is my honest truth about what i’m going through, and a reminder we’re all human,” she shared on her social media pages ahead of the release of the song.

She also shared the reason she decided to include “Sad Forever” as part of the deluxe version of her album, Mirror, writing, “It felt right to add this song to the Mirror album and give you guys another song that you can cry to/sing on tour with me, so you can find ‘Sad Forever’ on the deluxe version of ‘Mirror’ now.”

She added: “If I’m being honest with you this whole year my personal life has felt like one bad thing after another. I try my hardest to feel happy and okay but when so many things go wrong it’s rly hard to feel that way. When I wrote ‘Sad Forever’ I felt like I was never gonna get through it and it was just gonna continue to be one bad thing after another.”

Lauren also revealed that she didn’t release the song because she was past the stage of feeling sad or has become convinced she would not be sad forever, she released it to make others who feel the same way feel less alone.