JENNIE – You & Me

BLACKPINK’s JENNIE is here with another solo single, and fans are desperately in love with it. Even though it’s impossible to believe that a song this catchy and good could have been collecting dust in the archives for over three years now, it actually has since it was written, composed, and recorded in 2018. According to JENNIE, the song floated into her sphere around the time when she was planning her debut solo release, and even though she immediately fell in love with it, she didn’t get a chance to release it then.

However, after fans got to hear a remix version of the song at the group’s Coachella performance, Jennie decided it was good enough for their massively sold-out “Born Pink World Tour.” So we’ve heard it on stages, and now we actually have the chance to listen to it whenever we want, and all I can say is, I’m also not one for that “love me or love me not thing.”

This single is JENNIE just showing the world that she’s the definition of a triple threat artist, as she raps, sings, and dances (via the accompanying dance performance video) in “You & Me.“ This song feels just as bold and confident and happy-boosting as BLACKPINK’s latest release, “The Girls.”

I love the heavy hip-hop beats accompanying the song, and it was kind of fun to hear her steal the iconic “Look at you, now look at me” line from Blackpink’s single, “How You Like That.” The song itself talks about the kind of love you know you need forever. “I don’t care ’bout your first love / This should be your last one / Nothin’ like your last one,” she raps, going on to suggestively add, “You look better on me.”

BLACKPINK’s singles have mostly been accompanied by dance performance videos, even their solo ones, and JENNIE did not break from tradition. In the dance performance video, JENNIE is wearing a red dress and dances along to the song alongside a crew of back-up dancers in black leotards. The choreography mirrors the ones done at their “Born Pink World Tour.” The moon also features prominently in the video, probably due to the recurring line, “Dancing in the moonlight.” JENNIE is also seen dancing with a male dancer, as she confesses her deep burning love in what is her second solo single and first since 2018.