James Arthur – Just Us

If James Arthur is singing a song, it’s bound to be heavily emotional and relatable, and “Just Us” is a continuation of that beautiful legacy. In “Just Us,” he uses his soulful voice and the penetrating goodness of a great piano accompaniment to tell us about a love that’s reached the stage where all the lies have to come crashing down. This is the stage when you fully start to love someone when there are no more secrets or skeletons in the cupboard, and they learn to fully trust you. I’ve heard so many love songs, but very few are as honest as “Just Us.”

In “Just Us,” Arthur is a man fed up of causing pain to his lover, “I can’t stand being the cause of the tears on your cheek / There’s a lump in my throat, and it won’t let me speak.” After admitting that the lies he keeps are the reason there’s tension in their relationship, he decides to come clean, “I’m so tired of running / I’m sick of letting you down / It’s been a lonely road, but it’s all over now (It’s all over now) / It’s just us from here on out.” 

“‘Just Us’ is a song in which I confess to running away from what really matters and getting lost in the pursuit of validation from external things,” James explains via a press release. “It’s about chasing a hedonistic, hollow life. Realizing the true meaning of life which is of course about true love, loving ourselves, our families, and our communities and being there for them.”

In the song, he concludes that “Unconditional love is a light that never fades.”

The accompanying music video starts off with Arthur on the piano before we see him sitting on a bench in multiple cut scenes. However, he is joined at different times by different people, who seem to share their sorrows and anguish with him. Towards the end, we see Arthur come and sit with himself.

Written by Andrew Jackson, Arthur, and Steve Solomon, “Just Us,” is the fifth track on his upcoming album. It follows previous singles such as “Blindside,” and “A Year Ago.”

“The more albums you make and the more success you have, the more the pressure tends to be upon you. But I genuinely felt like a kid again, just making music I loved, not worried about trying to please everyone,” he said about making the upcoming album, and let’s be honest, he’s been on the right track so far.