Henry Moodie – closure

It would be remiss to say that Henry Moodie has had anything less than a meteoric rise. It has been a little over a year since the singer-songwriter released his viral debut single, and in the 12 months since, he has generated a passionate and adoring fanbase of over 7 million across various social media platforms. Fortunately for his audience, he quickly proved to be more than a one-hit-wonder with his latest release, “closure,” firmly cementing him as an artist who has found his sound and is here to stay.

The single showcases what Moodie has become exceptional at since he first appeared on the scene. The song begins with an acoustic verse that builds into a beat-driven pop ballad by the chorus. Lyrically, he shines once again as his words piece together a story that is all at once specific and universal. It is easy for listeners to sympathize with the singer’s heartfelt expression as he croons lines such as, “You never meant to break me to pieces / but you’re the reason / that I don’t know how to get closure / So, do something I can’t get over, that perfectly convey the shared human experience of a relationship that ended without a specific reason. 

Behind the verses he has penned is the instrumentation that sonically illustrates the hope and heartbreak he laments over. The cheerful progression of chords that mark the first part of the chorus takes on a darker quality when Henry reaches the result of his ex’s seemingly positive attributes. The additional harmonies and backing vocals that appear as the song comes to its apex highlight the increasing struggle and frustration of moving on from a relationship without closer. When they all fall away for the final chorus, the singer seems exhausted by the cruel twist of fate.

Fans of Moodie’s who were lucky enough to see him on his recent headline tour will recognize the track as one of the unreleased songs he teased from the road. On stage, he is charming and charismatic, unsurprisingly able to keep an audience’s attention with the skills he honed prior while supporting The Vamps and Mimi Webb, skills that also translate to his performance in music videos.

The visual short for “closure” was directed by Samuel Douek and begins with the label “Part 1 – The End” before launching into an emotionally fraught story of two exes who struggle to reach each other in a crowded club despite knowing they shouldn’t. In this video, Henry acts more as an omniscient narrator than the star, leaving those roles to Heartstopper’s Bel Priestley and Sex Education’s Olive Gray. The casting promises more to the story, as does the “to be continued” that closes the images overlaying the titular track.   

While “closure” may be the singer’s latest release, it is part of something bigger. It hooks Henry Moodie’s fans on the promise of more to come and hints at an interconnected, more extensive body of work from the artist.