Photo: Jack Alexander

Gabi Goldman – 2 Hard 2

Swedish R&B-pop newcomer Gabi Goldman has released her new track, “2 Hard 2.” This is the third single by the Goldman this year, continuing her ongoing success with “Body Heat” and “Few Good Friends.” Layed over an enticing and alluring beat, she croons about being in a toxic relationship that she’s struggling to let go of. 

You lie to my face / I say I’m not hurt / I should be the one to say goodbye first / But it’s too hard to hate you / It’s the only thing we know / But I can’t make myself go.” 

Goldman says, “‘2 Hard 2’ is describing exactly how it feels being stuck in something that’s not good for you. I feel like people wanna talk about heartache when they’re over it but I wanna talk about it when I’m in it. It’s the era of situationships! Sometimes love is not what you’re expecting it to be and I just wanna be real with that. I’ve been in too many toxic relationships to not wanna release a song about it.”

The single is co-written and produced by Jonah Christian, Decap, and writers, Feli Ferraro and Livvi Franc. It has that upbeat dance vibe while also enrapturing your attention with Goldman’s smooth, sophisticated vocals and lyrics. 

Goldman, who resides in Stockholm, has always wanted to be a performer. Her parents saw that in her from the beginning and encouraged her to pursue any form of art she wanted. Along with singing, she has experience in dance, modeling, hosting, acting, and visual arts. In fact, she’s made some serious waves in the modeling community, having done campaigns with Adidas, Nike, MONKI, and more. 

The 25-year-old feels most comfortable sharing her raw and honest experiences through her songwriting. Mixing her love of pop and R&B, she’s bringing a fresh feel to the genre as well as her soulful vocals. Born in Gothenburg, Goldman grew up listening to Mary J. Blige, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, and Amy Winehouse, who is her favorite artist. She also cites SZA, Rihanna, Miguel, Yebba, and others as her main influences within her music. 

Each of her releases is accompanied by narrative-building mood visualizers, which tell the story of each track. Altogether, they will reveal the full story alongside her debut EP. The story starts with her sexy, debut single, “Body Heat,” and continues with “Few Good Friends,” and now with “2 Hard 2.”