Cleo Sol – There Will Be No Crying

The SAULT member punches out new albums 'Gold' and 'Heaven' two weeks apart

“There Will Be No Crying” is the first track off of British singer-songwriter Cleo Sol’s new album Gold. Sol released the record as a surprise… her second surprise drop in just two weeksSol, along with her partner Inflo, is a member of the British collective SAULT and has multiple collaborations with critically acclaimed rapper Little Simz under her belt.

Heavily influenced by neo-soul and R&B, “There Will Be No Crying” is reminiscent of songs like “Cranes In The Sky” by Solange and “Paper Thin” by Lianne La Havas. Sol delivers delicate vocals that simply float through the air throughout most of the track, but begin to soar in the latter half.

Reggae influences also permeate their way into the song, with a small but effective choir participating in a call-and-response with Sol. This touch adds calmness and security to a song that is, already, the kind of tune you’d hear sitting in a dark, smoky jazz club with a scotch on the rocks in one hand.

Despite the fragility of the performance, Sol’s lyrics are that of a woman who has been tested, but has walked out as the victor: “In a river full of dreams / Make it better, one thing that I need… is to be free / Life’s a battle that don’t scare me / No, I’m gonna pick myself up again / I’m gonna win / No, I’m not crying, no I’m not fighting.” That doesn’t mean she isn’t still clamoring to love and to be loved… she expresses a strong desire for that sense of peace: “Cos I just wanna be somebody / Darling we… cause sometimes you need, someone / I just wanna feel something real.”

Immediately establishing this feeling of no longer allowing herself to succumb to life’s challenges is perhaps, how she is able to act as a guiding light for others in later tracks on the project. Songs like “Things Will Get Better” and “Please Don’t End It All,” the latter sounding like a long-lost Adele song from 30, urging the listener to turn to God… to truly connect with him in times of duress: “Please don’t end it all / ‘Cause God is still writing / He’ll never let you fall, ah, ah, ah.”

In a photo of a handwritten note posted to social media, Sol said that the project is, in fact, for Him. “This album was made for God,” she said, underlining His name for good measure. “Many tears, felt fear, pushed through anyway. That was so key.”

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