Photo: Terrence O'Connor

Charli XCX & Sam Smith – In The City

Charli XCX is in a new pop-blending era and fans are wild about it. For her latest single, “In The City,” she recruited Sam Smith, who apparently needs no introduction after their smash hit “Unholy” with Kim Petras stayed in rotation for months on end. Thankfully, Charli XCX has been able to recreate that magic in “In The City.”

The upbeat pop track employs elements bordering on techno and house to create the dropping beat we hear in the track. Fans are already predicting going wild to this song in clubs, in their cars, and even in the gentler moments of life, just blasting music from your speakers at home.

I’m flowin’ through you like water / Yeah, my body’s swayin’ side to side / I’m focused in on the moment / All the lights are diamonds in the sky, yeah,” Charli XCX sings in the first verse, describing an experience where you’re experiencing a euphoric combination of joy and freedom.

“The song is about finding the people you truly love and connect with through wild nights out and partying in magical places. It’s about feeling accepted, the magnificence of being welcomed into queer spaces and those once-in-a-lifetime people you get to meet when you’re there,” Charli XCX said via a press release.

As for this song hitting the virality meter, I would say that there’s very little chance it would do it. This is not a reflection of the song, rather I’d say it’s more a reflection of the type of music people immediately feel drawn to. With TikTok driving music trends these days, we’re seeing more songs that immediately draw us in with their catchiness or ones with deeply emotional lines that stick with us just after one listen. For example, Justin Bieber’s “Ghost’s” opening line packs a punch: “Youngblood thinks there’s always tomorrow.” However, the beat drop might be all the ace card “In the City” needs to become a breakout hit.

At the moment, there’s been no confirmation as to whether the track will appear on her upcoming sixth studio album. It is also Charli XCX’s first time being listed as a co-producer, as she appears alongside ILYA, Omer Fedi, and frequent collaborators A. G. Cook and George Daniel as “In The City’s” producers.

Charli XCX announced the single on October 7, a few days after thrilling fans with news that she’s started work on Crash’s successor. On 11 October, Smith confirmed the collaboration with a short clip featuring a snippet of the song.