boygenius – Black Hole

In an era where music is often hurried and produced to cater to the fleeting attention spans of listeners, boygenius presents “Black Hole,” a song that challenges the norms and takes its audience on an introspective and ethereal journey. Being a part of the EP, The Rest, which complements their sophomore effort, The Record, the track is a testament to the cohesive synergy between the trio: Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus.

“Black Hole” unfurls with the subtlety and intricacy of a classic slow-burn. As the track commences, listeners can almost visualize Baker standing at the precipice of a dystopian universe. The backing track hums and buzzes, building a palpable momentum, a perfect juxtaposition to the narrative. As it progresses, Dacus’ vocals lend gravity to the lyrics, evoking imagery of past relationships and the archetypes that recur in our lives. Her contributions resonate deeply, painting vivid stories of risk, vitality, and the human proclivity for danger, as seen in “Afraid of Heights.”

However, while Dacus shines, Bridgers’ role in this song is notably restrained. Although known for her poignant lyricism and emotional depth, her involvement in “Black Hole” seems almost peripheral, in stark contrast to her usual magnetic presence. In previous works, Bridgers excelled in evoking strong, tumultuous feelings, drawing listeners into a whirlpool of emotions. This time, she seems content letting her bandmates take the helm.

The EP’s overarching theme of space and ambiance is notably prevalent in “Black Hole,” almost evoking a sense of drifting through a cosmic expanse, examining personal introspections and global realities. Baker’s lyrical genius shines towards the end, culminating in a poetic narrative that feels like a nod to superhero tales and existential reflections. This is underscored by a sonic backdrop that conveys both a looming apocalypse and a mysterious, expansive universe.

However, what’s conspicuously absent in The Rest EP, and in this track by extension, is the raw energy and directness that characterized Boygenius’ debut. The enigmatic “Boyfriends,” a track that has been a crowd favorite in their live sets, would have been a valuable addition, creating a contrasting balance to the ethereal nature of “Black Hole.”

In essence, “Black Hole” is not just a song; it’s an experience. It challenges the listener to journey through the cosmos of emotions, reflections, and memories, with boygenius as the guide. Although it might not match the explosive resonance of their debut, it reinforces the notion that the trio is here to stay, and they have a lot more stories to tell. With “Black Hole,” they’ve laid down a marker, and it is a beacon for fans old and new, calling them to join boygenius on their unique musical odyssey.