Blink-182 – DANCE WITH ME

“Stay, and play that Blink-182 song / That we beat to death in Tucson, okay,” Halsey once sang in the Chainsmokers’ hit song, “Closer,” and since Blink-182 announced their reunion last year, all fans want to do is play their music. Last week it was the incredibly moving song, “ONE MORE TIME,” and this week, it’s “DANCE WITH ME.” Believe me, this song is going to make you wish you had a bigger dancefloor.

“DANCE WITH ME” feels like Blink-182 teaching fans a lesson on punk. And yes, punk has a deeper meaning than any of us could have thought. Why, “It’s doing what you think is right on your own terms and not answering to anybody else and not letting people tell you how you should live your life,” or something like that.

The song’s energy is so alive and bubbly, it kind of flows into the listener and makes you want to shake something in your body. It’s also uplifting because when you get a song that’s about love and it feels as if you’re being screamed at, it doesn’t fail to make you feel better about yourself. There must be some weird logic to explain that unholy phenomenon.

Tellin’ your friends, you know you want to (Dance with me) / Shaking those hips like the devil’s got you (Dance with me) / Waiting all night, ’cause now I want you (Dance with me) / Eyeing that chance, here we go,” they sing in the pre-chorus, before powering through the chorus with a chant that’s become all too associated with football, or sports in general.

Me, you, won’t you just fall in love / Like me, or am I just too naïve? / Tonight, it’s getting a bit too rough / But now, really wanting to make her scream,” they sing in the second verse, but if you think the song is weird, you might want to take a seat before diving into the video.

Going into the video, we see the guys of Blink-182, but they’re rocking black wigs like the Ramones. According to them, it’s a love letter to the iconic bands out there. Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker then spent the entire The Malloys-directed video recreating the Ramones’ iconic and memorable moments. You can even say that the video was a solid “real recognize real” moment.

The album, ONE MORE TIME…, produced by Barker, features 17 new songs that capture the band at the top of their game, layering in themes of tragedy, triumph, and most importantly, brotherhood. The trio recorded the album between 2022 and 2023 in the midst of their sold-out epic reunion tour.