Bea Miller – gauche

“gauche” is the fifth installment of Bea Miller’s “twelve-part musical compendium” aptly named BEA MILLER’S CABINET. This record represents a new phase of her musical career, as she explores a bold new sound that’s different from what fans have come to expect from her.

In the gritty mid-tempo alternative track, Miller sings about her distracted energy, and how it can contribute to the pain of others. According to her press release, the song was inspired by a real-life car crash the artist caused at the age of 18. “I know I’m a mess / I fuck up everything I do / Spill coffee on my dress / Forget words when I’m talkin’ to you,” Miller sings in the song’s opening verse of having limited attention to reality. Despite all this, Miller still very much has a lot of self-awareness and tries her best to make things right at every turn, “’Cause I’m a mess, but at least I’m tryin’ / At least I’m tryin’.”

In the companion visual, Miller recreates the song’s meaning by trying to put together a bouquet she took apart but isn’t doing a great job of it. We clearly see the frustration she’s feeling as she tries her best to do a good job.

When reflecting on the content of the song Bea shares, “’gauche’ is the most literal song I have ever written, which also makes it one of my favorites. When I was 18 I truly crashed into a parked car (I left my number on the windshield), while being distracted by a beautiful woman on the sidewalk. I stumble over my words, I embarrass myself endlessly, I overthink every conversation I’ve ever had, and I constantly make mistakes. I’ve embraced that I’m a mess yet I never stop trying not to be. Even the way we recorded the song was messy. [We had] a cheap microphone on the floor, with a click track and my friend Mikey playing guitar beside me. I think that’s one of the things that makes life feel exciting – finding a way to make the mess beautiful and unique.”

“gauche” adds to a year that’s seen her release singles such as “lonely bitch,” “jealous of my friends,” and “this call is coming from inside the house.” For the emotional track, she worked with long-time collaborators Kyle Shearer and guitarist Mikey Lasusa.

“gauche” arrives just in time as the singer’s 8-city US tour is about to kick off this coming November.