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aespa – Better Things (RAYE Remix)

What’s better than aespa dropping a girl power anthem “Better Things” this year? Recruiting another female power player, aka RAYE, to add some sauce to the already spicy song. What do we get? A reference to a Taylor Swift song that’s what! Oh, and a new reason to play “Better Things” nonstop again.

For those who think that “Better Things” is already so perfect that nothing needs to be changed, don’t worry, aespa’s lines in the song remain unchanged. The only difference is that RAYE took over the second verse, and boy, did she kill it. “Tell a boy bye now, just like how my hair waves / I ain’t tell you straight, I’ll tell you all over the airwaves / Said you love me, but your head ain’t in the right place,” she sings, venturing a bit further than aespa ever meant to do in “Better Things.”

For example, the original “Better Things” wasn’t specific about why they didn’t want to spend time knowing the guy, whereas RAYE put it all out there. “You come to my city, link girls, think it won’t get back to me, boy, I digress / Left a Prada bag fresh in the box in your hallway / It’s a gift for the poor girl that you hurt next,” she sings of the reason she just can’t give the guy the time of day.

“Still you wanna know me, wanna hold me, wanna call to console me / Taylor Swift once said a bar, I’ma borrow it / ‘Cause the old RAYE can’t come to the phone right now since she’s dead (I left him alone),” RAYE sings in the pre-chorus. I especially love that RAYE brought her own flavor to the music, and while it didn’t exactly fit in with the intense K-pop nature of the song, it was interesting. Also, bringing RAYE to feature on the track feels like the universe aligning, because she did write and sing on the demo of the track.

To celebrate the collaboration, aespa’s team released limited-edition physical singles that fans can order from the US Official aespa Online Store on October 27. The CD includes the original single as well as special remixes, sped-up and slowed-down versions, and an instrumental version.

aespa’s “Better Things” already pulled no punches even before RAYE added her own rap lines. If you remember correctly, they did sing, “I’m sorry that it hurts you / No, I’m sorry I ain’t sorry / aespa, big girls makin’ money / aespa, you’re our number one fan now/You can only see me at our sold-out shows” in the original too.