LP – Love Lines


If you’re looking for haunting love songs, you can’t ever go wrong by listening to LP. Since their debut 20 years ago, they’ve managed to capture, redefine and simply erase what we believe love should be. And that’s a good thing. On Love Lines, LP takes us on an even deeper dive into what it takes to fall into that thing called love. It’s magical, it’s beautiful, it’s uplifting, but it can be crushing if you don’t do it right.

So, what better way to kick off Love Lines than with “Golden,” – a song that doubts everything about a relationship. It’s sort of like when you go into a relationship thinking that this one is it, and then further down the line, you start to question whether what you share is “golden” and true. It can also mean something else, and that’s the joy of LP’s songwriting. Their songs are always open-ended and basically leave themselves up to the interpretation of the listeners, and that is what I think constitutes a listener’s emotional bond with a song, when they connect to it on a different and personal level. “When you’re coming back from a heart attack / All that history, all that chemistry / From the “what could be” to the “what are we?” / It’s so deep (So deep),” they sing.

The following song “Wild” sees LP questioning how far they and a lover can take their relationship, “I could be your North Star / I could be the love of your life / I could warm your cold heart / I could walk the edge of your knife / And when you think you’re so high,” they sing in the bilingual song, before adding the daring lines, “I can always take you higher / You never can be too high.” 

Most times, there’s either too much hope on love or too little, but LP would rather live it all up to chance in the album’s title track, “Love Lines.” There’s a moody aspect to the song that I simply love, and then when they sing, “I’ll surrender to the feeling / Leave it all up to fate,” it’s like the song’s not only talking about the rickety setting of relationships but that of life in general.

Right on time as I was thinking I’m nowhere / I caught your vibe and you were takin’ me somewhere” sounds like something that could be lifted from any other pop song, but it actually goes a mile further than “I’m tired of love until you walked into my life” – I think every other mainstream pop singer has got a song more or less like this. But I doubt any of them has been as direct as “One Like You,” which claims that seeing someone naked is all the proof you need to know whether what you’re feeling is true love.

For the 12-song album, LP worked with a repeated set of songwriters: Andrew Berkeley Martin, Ashton Irwin, and Matthew Pauling, with Pauling acting as the producer for most of the songs on the record. This album is complete, with perfect nuances that beautifully set it apart from every other record themed around the feeling of love.