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Jamie Miller

Pop powerhouse Jamie Miller releases cathartic new EP 'The Things I Left Unsaid'

If you were to try and find the musical root of someone like John Legend, you could look at Luther Vandross. If you were to look at Brendon Urie, maybe you’d find Freddy Mercury. Bruno Mars? Try Prince. With Jamie Miller, there is no immediate comparison. Miller, a singer-songwriter originally from Wales now based in LA, is a once-in-a-generation vocal powerhouse. Whether it’s a riveting performance of breakout hit “Here’s Your Perfect” at the 2022 SCTV Awards, in concert, or in TikTok videos with fellow musicians such as Grace Kinstler and Anthony Gargiula (usually in a parking garage or the kitchen), Miller treats every opportunity to sing like it’s his last.

Miller’s new EP The Things I Left Unsaid features a plethora of standout vocal moments, as well as his best lyrical and musical compositions yet.

Tough Love 

At the start of this new cycle, Miller, in a now-deleted tweet, asked, “Would you rather hear new songs or old songs on tour?” The lead single “Maybe Next Time” was just beginning to get its sea legs, but a fan responded rather harshly saying, “We want new songs… that’s why you’re flopping.” Miller did not reply but understood their perspective.

“When a fan sees you have a massive song like, ‘Here’s Your Perfect,’ some people always hold artists to that standard,” he said. “Art, for me, is not about how many streams you get. It’s not about if you’ve hit the US Billboard Hot 100. That’s cool, but I don’t create music to just be ‘the coolest’ or go #1. I create music to help people, to touch people, to make people feel some type of way.”

Not Just Pop Songs 

“Maybe Next Time” and the follow-up single “No Matter What” set the tone for the project. Both are the kind of massive pop ballads Miller can easily sink his teeth into, but, overall, the project’s sound is varied. “My music obviously leans towards sad heartbreak songs, but there are some fun heartbreak songs and ‘F-you’ anthems on the EP,” he said, the former a spot-on description of classy post-breakup tune “Rooting For You.” “Challenging everything I’ve been through over the last couple of years has been so fun. That’s why this project means so much to me… it’s not just a pop song, it’s the little messages hidden in there. I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is my healing song.’”

A White Feather

“Empty Room” is one of the most prolific on the project, focusing on healing after the loss of his Nana. The song, sonically and melodically, feels worship-like. Even in its beltiest moments, it remains tender and introspective… a publicly private conversation with someone he can no longer physically see, but can still feel around him: “I got all this love, but what good does it do if I’m all alone? / So I scream it to this empty room / Hoping it’ll get to you, you, you.”

“My Nana was my best friend,” he said. “The last thing she ever said to me was, ‘If you ever need me, I’m going to leave you a white feather.’ If you go back through every music video of mine, you’ll see a white feather that fell from the sky. The morning I wrote the song, I was with one of my friends. He had lost someone, so we were just having a talk. I think I was in such a moment of trying to be there for him that it just triggered so much in my head. It was like, ‘Whoa, this is stuff I really thought I’d suppressed.’ Then I went into the studio, and when I put pen to paper I couldn’t stop. It brought back so many things back up… amazing memories.”

“The only place I’m movin’…” 

The final track “Only Place” is the closing of a chapter. From the opening lines, it’s clear where it’s headed. There was a time… when every part of me was part of you / And every lie you said felt like the truth / Hearts were getting twisted / Toxic, narcissistic/ But pretty damn, convincing, hmm.” Even the music feels liberating… like he’s basking in the freedom and clarity he so desperately needs. The chorus confirms what this song is: a kicking to the curb of a once-toxic partner, with Miller confidently and definitively taking his power back: “I’m closing the door, changing the locks, throwing the keys away / Burning your clothes, tearing the photos out of the picture frames / If you think I’m running back, you’re wrong / The only place I’m movin’ is on.”

 “’Only Place’ was my moment to say, ‘F-you,’” said Miller, with a big smile. “I was in a situation where this person felt like they had so much hold over me. So much control. They were such a narcissistic person… I was like, ‘You think I’m never gonna leave.’ One day I woke up and I was tired of being sad. Tired of living by someone else’s dreams and rules. I realized nothing was holding me back from leaving… so I just did it.” The tune is Miller’s best pop-rock effort thus far, and he sings it with conviction. By the end, he is soaring.

What Is Real and What Isn’t 

While the success of “Here’s Your Perfect” put Miller on the map, he decided to take most of 2022 off after leaving his label and dealing with other personal matters. “I was writing a lot, and I was in therapy a lot,” he said of his time off. “I was speaking to my family a lot. I went home for Christmas and stayed a little longer than I would have normally. I just needed to feel grounded. I needed to readjust… retrain my mind to figure out what was real and what wasn’t. I let go of some people.”

His decision to take time off was entirely in favor of his mental health, but some did not take that into account. “There were so many people who were like, ‘If you take a year off, it’s going to ruin your music career.’,” he said. “I was like, ‘If it does, it does.’ I had to focus on me… do what was best for me. That was a decision I made, and I stand by it. Now I’m back. I’m having fun. I fell in love with the music process again, and I’m doing it my way. The music you hear is my decision. My voice. My lyrics. I’m in charge of everything I get to put out.”

Stream The Things I Left Unsaid, and catch Jamie Miller on tour with Eric Nam this fall