V – Slow Dancing

It’s about time we get it straight / Gimme a minute if it ain’t too late,” V sings in his latest single, “Slow Dancing,” which arrives alongside his debut solo album, Layover. For “Slow Dancing,” V practiced a laid-back style that gave the song a calming vibe. The song is about growing distant from someone you used to be so close to.

The song is kind of split into two different parts that address the different phases of their relationship. The first verse, though touching on the strain in their relationship, also talks about his reluctance to let it go. “It’s about time we get it straight / Gimme a minute if it ain’t too late / It sounds about right / This can’t be forced, babe / It shouldn’t feel like this/Hurts too much already/Stay with me ’til the end of the day.”

The chorus sees him singing his wishes that they could slowly dance through the morning and romance the night away. The second verse, however, introduces us to a fractured love story, as he sings, “Find someone new again (Got it on, did you?) / We were so much alike / Now we’re just distant neighbors.”

While the song may not have a lot of lyrics, the outro instrumental really brought something special and compelling to the song. In a way, it added an emotional layer to the song and even kind of completes the story we’ve heard so far.

The song may not be telling the story of a perfect romance, but the accompanying music video steps away from this by focusing on the K-pop star having fun with his friends in the sun. During the car ride, he takes Polaroid pictures with his buddies. At the beach, he spends a fun day frolicking in the waters and snacking on bananas and watermelon. Between different scenes of the group enjoying a beautiful day, we see V at a separate location seemingly controlling the weather and other things to make the day a perfect one for himself and his friends.

Released on September 8th, “Slow Dancing” serves as the third single from his album Layover, which includes other tracks like “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “For Us” and a piano version of “Slow Dancing.”

V is most known for being the lead vocalist for K-pop’s most popular boy band BTS. He embarked on his solo journey shortly after the group hit their ten-year milestone. At the moment, the group’s on hiatus, but they promised to reunite soon to keep making amazing music that their loyal ARMY will love and appreciate.