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TOMORROW X TOGETHER & Anitta – Back For More

There’s a reason TOMORROW X TOGETHER took home the award for Push Performance of the Year at the VMAs and their video for latest single “Back For More” is a testament to that. But I guess I should probably start by talking about the song before diving into the perfect accompanying video. At the awards show, the k-pop group and Anitta premiered the song with a stunning performance that drew the audience to the their feet and was met with insane applause and cheers.

“Back For More” is a track that confidently states that even if a partner leaves, you’re not particularly stressing about it because you know they’re coming back. Why? They NEED more.

I can see you comin’ back for more / Comin’ back for more, ayy / If you walk out that door,” Beomgyu sings in the intro. He knows that if you leave, you’re going to want to come back because there are “things you can’t replace” and feelings you can’t forget.

Taehyun and Huening Kai describe the value of the relationship in the first verse, singing, “When I’m with you, it all feels different / When I’m with you, it all makes sense / And I know you don’t feel no different.”

Coming in at the second verse, Anitta confesses, “I don’t wanna feel nobody / If it isn’t you, baby / Contigo me pongo naughty / Been thinking about you lately.” The song’s catchy tune and exalting lyrics is perfectly complemented with a groovy baseline and playful whistling sounds, adorned with the vibrant hues of trendy Latin pop.

“Back For More” is the first tease from TXT’s upcoming album The Name Chapter: Freefall – set to drop on October 13. The music video sees the group perfectly in synch with each other, as they burst out some really impressive and fiery moves. Watching the video, it feels like it’s divided into three parts: the part where the group of five are dancing alone, the part where Anitta joins them, and the part where they’re joined by dozens of other hot guys in black suits. The music video is said to have been directed by MOTHER.

The disco-leaning anthem was written by Ryan Tedder, Tyler Spry, and Slow Rabbit, with the three also credited as its producers. The whistle you hear throughout the track is actually done by Spry. “Back For More” follows TXT’s hit song, “Do It Like That,” with the Jonas Brothers.

Before then, they released their album Sweet, featuring songs such as “Ito,” “Magic,” and “Hydrangea Love.”