Tate McRae – greedy

Tate McRae would want herself in cheeky new single, “greedy” – her first solo release in almost a year. If you’re going after McRae for a potential relationship, don’t worry, she understands why you want her.

He said, “Are you serious? I’ve tried, but I can’t figure out / I’ve been next to you all night and still don’t know what you’re about / You keep ta- (Ta-ta-), talkin’, but not much comin’ out your mouth / Can’t you tell that I want you?” she sings in the confidence-boosting track of the thoughts that run in a guy’s mind when they meet her.

Her answer? “I would want myself / Baby, please believe me / I’ll put you through hell / Just to know me, yeah, yeah.” In the second verse, however, she goes on to tell us about how she’s hard to please and even harder to get. “I see you eyein’ me down, but you’ll never know much past my name.”

McRae first teased the song via TikTok on August 4. The dance-worthy track was co-written with Amy Allen, Jasper Harris, and Ryan Tedder.

The Aerin Moreno-directed video opens with a clip of McRae driving around an ice rink on a Zamboni. Before, we see her showing off her impressive dancing skills, along with sporting a hockey glove in some scenes.

“I’m beyond excited to drop ‘greedy’ and share this new chapter of my music with the world,” Tate shared in a press release upon the song’s release. “I wrote ‘greedy’ about having the confidence to know what you want. I feel like this is the first time where people are seeing a feistier and more playful side of me. This song is so unexpected, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote “greedy,” admitted that TikTok has had a negative impact on songwriters. However, he did not scoff at the TikTok-intensive promotion for “greedy” due to the fact that McRae’s record label, RCA, had already started hashing out deals with Tedder and the other writers.

“Because of that, we were like ‘please go tease the shit out of this thing, Go nuts,” he said of the song. “Whether the song is a hit or not, I couldn’t be happier with how she and the label handled it, and I think that’s a good representation of how it can work.”

“greedy” went viral even before its release, with the video entering the top 20 on YouTube trending videos within a few hours of its release.