Mae Muller – Written By A Woman

You know what they say? If a woman wants the perfect man, she’s gotta write him herself, and in Mae Muller’s latest single, “Written By A Woman,” she actually found a man that’s a mix between Timothée and Darcy, as in “Pride and the Prejudice’s” Darcy and that other guy with a T.

So cold but so kind with that look in your eye / Yeah, I feel like you’re written just for me / In touch with your mind and your feminine side / And you ain’t scared to cry, what a rare breed,” she sings of meeting and falling in love with someone who checks all the boxes. The refrain “written by a woman” perfectly captures the soul of the song, which is basically about meeting a man who’s gentle and is not afraid to express his feelings.

“Written By A Woman,” Mae says via a press release, “is one of my favorite tracks on the album, it’s all about the female gaze and speaking about things from a woman’s perspective, which feels right to have it as the final track. I just think that a lot of the time, what men think women find attractive is not true at all – we don’t necessarily want an alpha male, we want someone who’s in touch with their feminine side and who isn’t afraid to show emotion. Being gentle is sexy as hell! There’s enough music out there that caters for the male gaze, so I wanted to write about what I find attractive.”

Muller’s highly anticipated debut album Sorry I’m Late – out September 29 – has already seen the release of hit singles like “I Just Came To Dance” and “I Wrote A Song.” The latter got Mae to represent the UK at the Eurovision Contest, with the song becoming the number 1 trending single in the UK at the time and climbing to number 9 on the UK Singles Chart. Other singles teased from the album include the emotional single, “MJTL (Maybe That’s Just Life),” and her smash hit with NEIKED and Polo G, “Better Days.”

Muller’s album remarkably captures the tensions and frustrations of her generation, told through the lens of the love and loss she’s experienced in recent years. There’s also a playful side to the album, even if it is wrapped up in the infinite complexity of womanhood.

Sorry I’m Late is a follow-up to her critically lauded 2020 debut EP, no one else, not even you, which includes the standout track, “Dependent.”