Leigh-Anne – My Love (feat. Ayra Starr)

Leigh-Anne’s “My Love” is the kind of bop song that if anything ignites it, it’s going to be a long time before we stop hearing it everywhere. It’s robust, it’s exciting, it honestly makes you want to jump up and start dancing, and its accompanying music video has all the ingredients of virality, namely great visuals and beautiful choreography.

It’s Leigh-Anne’s second single since Little Mix went on hiatus, and it follows her successful debut single, “Don’t Say Love.” The single was first announced on August 21 with the news that the English singer-songwriter has enlisted the help of Nigerian singer and actress Ayra Starr to make the bop.

Like dominoes, I can make your walls fall down / This woman knows how to make the world go round / And just like gravity, we breakin’ ground / I’ll be your home, I can be your kingdom,” she sings in the first verse, using a play on words to give the song and its anthemic chorus a sophisticated edge. “Not a heart on Earth can beat / My love, my love,” she declares in the chorus.

Ayra Starr comes in on the third verse, singing, “Tell me how you want it, supersonic, how I run it / Like an addict, got you burnin’ for the sa, sa, sa (Woo, woo) / And it is only on ya, ya, ya (Woo) / You know I’m bougie like that, that, that / I fit to make you detach your cable / Melody fire, sweet, pass isi-ewu.”

For the production of the track, which infuses Afro-pop with UK pop, Leigh-Anne worked with veteran producers PRGRSHN, Khristopher Riddick-Tynes, and Alex Goldblatt.

“My Love” dropped on September 7, with the accompanying music video arriving the following day. Shot in Lagos, the video was heavily promoted with its fascinating choreography before its release.

At the beginning of the video, Leigh-Anne rises from the waters, before going on to sing about her love with the help of heavily structured choreography.

“I’m so thankful to everyone who made this song possible and a special thank you to @ayrastarr for jumping on this song. I cannot wait for you to see the video. It’s worth the wait!” Leigh-Anne shared on her socials ahead of the release of the video. She also shared her hopes that the video’s choreography can make it big on TikTok and encouraged fans to find new ways to incorporate it into their TikTok dance videos.

Here’s hoping “My Love” matches the success of her debut single “Don’t Say Love” as it truly has all the makings of a hit.