Laufey – Lovesick

Laufey’s latest release, “Lovesick,” is the singer literally taking fans on a journey of woe and heartbreak. She may be relatively new to the block but boy did she pull all the heartstrings with the song’s emotionally charged lyrics and her elegant voice. Her voice wonderfully complemented the sad track, so much so that a fan swore they’d never grow tired of listening to her voice on the song.

Gently, like she isn’t in a rush to acquaint us with her story, she sings about meeting and falling in love with someone within a span of three days and later losing them. The shortness of the relationship’s duration might fool you into thinking that there wasn’t much in it, but Laufey perfectly encapsulates the emotional turmoil that arises as a result of losing someone you love.

When the gold rays fell on your skin / And my hair got caught in the wind / The choir sang a melancholic hymn,” she recalls tenderly, adding, “In the morning, you would be gone / I’d be mourning, tryin’ to hold on to / The memory of your lips / God, I’m so lovesick / What have you done to me?”

Laufey wrote the song with her producer Spencer Stewart, and prior to the release of the song on September 8, she performed the song live at THING music festival. The song premiered on her YouTube channel ahead of her 14-track album, Bewitched, which broke the Spotify streaming records for a Jazz album in history.

Speaking on the album and the reason she made the record more Jazz-influenced, she shared, “I’m so proud of this album. It’s already brought me to places I never ever thought I’d reach. One of the tracks on this album takes the form of a letter addressed to my younger self. In the song, I tell her to continue forging her own path, chase her dreams, and drown out the voices that tell her to conform. With this album, I feel like I’ve done exactly that.”

She continued: “Growing up with a jazz and classical background, I always knew I wanted to introduce the music I so loved to audiences. In Bewitched, I leaned closer to my musical roots than I ever dared to before.”

Laufey, who is best known for her mixture of jazz-pop and bedroom pop, has been praised for bringing jazz to Gen-Z. Even though she’s been heavily involved in music since age 15, her debut EP Typical of Me was released in 2021, with her debut album Everything I Know About Love following in 2022.