Photo: Matthew Berinato

Kane Brown – I Can Feel It

If Kane Brown’s latest song, “I Can Feel It,” makes you nostalgic, you’re right to think so. It interpolates an “oldie but a goodie song” by Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight.” The track is about meeting someone at a bar or any other place and immediately hitting it off and just having a gut feeling that the meeting will lead to more.

The song kicks off with a sort of like rocking intro, which seamlessly blends with the more country-leaning upbeat sound we hear for the rest of the track. “I can see you by the bar / Skinny margarita with a broken heart / So I slid over like a steel guitar,” Brown’s baritone voice sings, as he uses inanimate objects to describe the situation surrounding his meeting with this “skinny margarita.” However, it doesn’t take him long to think that they may actually be onto something.

“I can feel it in the air, feel it in the whiskey in my hand / In your hips, your body tells me when you start to dance,” he sings in the chorus, his smooth voice flowing in the music and giving the track a calming sensation, so much so that – if you’re single like me – you start to imagine what it’ll be like falling in love with this song playing in the background somewhere.

The accompanying music video sees Brown refusing to give up old habits. It kicks off with a man coming into Brown’s mechanic shop to remind him of his failed dreams and offer him a chance to move on and chase a different career path. As Brown mulls the proposition over, he is confronted with the reality that the shop needs money if it’s going to keep operating. Unwilling to quit, Brown gives his dream one more try and comes off with a bag filled with cash. For the video, the “Thank God” hitmaker worked with CMT Award winner Alex Alvga.

“We went into the writer’s room in Canada the next day and we had Phil Collins on our mind. We started writing this song and it happens every time. I’ll live with a song for months, a year, and then release it as a single. But once Dann Huff got a hold of this, I told him, I was like, ‘I want it live. I want you to bring it alive as if I’m… Think of me being on the road on tour. I want to be able to hear that when we’re listening to this song.’ And he just brought the magic. And I fell in love with it,” he shared during a recent appearance on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music show.