Doja Cat – Demons

A Macabre Mélange of Rap Brilliance!!! – Doja Cat has never been one to shy away from pushing boundaries, whether it be sonically or visually. The Grammy-winning artist’s latest single, “Demons,” serves as a testimony to her ever-evolving artistry. The track is a pivotal piece from her upcoming album Scarlet, and the tone it sets is unmistakably haunting yet undeniably magnetic.

Navigating through the densely layered, bass-heavy beat reminiscent of a more polished Goblin-era Tyler, the Creator, Doja delivers her verses with a familiar cocky swagger. The song’s lyrical narrative delves into the rollercoaster of emotions and confrontations with her own inner demons, and the societal ones she’s been challenged by. Lines such as “I’m a puppet, I’m a sheep, I’m a cash cow” are not merely a boast about her rapid ascent but a self-aware commentary on the perils of fame and the music industry. Her fearless declaration, “Finally, I get to rap again,” not only speaks to her own intrinsic desire to explore the realm of rap once more but serves as a clarion call to those who might have underestimated her prowess in the genre.

A recurring theme that makes “Demons” resonate so deeply is Doja’s handling of her insecurities and doubts. She’s open about the disconcerting feeling of always being emotionally “upside down.” Yet, instead of succumbing to these tumultuous sentiments, she transforms them into a sonic force of self-assuredness. It’s a trait that’s been evident since her breakout, but here, especially on “Demons,” Doja brings a more refined edge to her craft.

The visual experience of “Demons” is its own masterpiece. Channeling the nostalgic terror from the golden age of horror films, the music video is reminiscent of classics like 1982’s “Poltergeist” and the chilling ambiance of “The Shining.” Christina Ricci, a face familiar to fans of the macabre, plays a fitting victim to the demonic and bedazzled Doja Cat. The video’s imagery, from the haunted house to the terrifying bathtub scene, encapsulates the very essence of the song’s message: confronting and conquering personal demons. It’s a splendid visual journey that accentuates the auditory experience of the track, making “Demons” more than just a song but a complete art form.

This track, like her previous works “Attention” and “Paint the Town Red,” showcases Doja’s versatility. She merges her prowess in rap with her flair for pop, creating a concoction that’s both “moody but euphoric at the same time.” The anticipation for Scarlet is palpable, and if “Demons” is any indicator, listeners are in for an evocative musical journey that’ll have them confronting their own inner beasts.

In a music landscape filled with fleeting trends and momentary flashes of brilliance, Doja Cat continues to cement her position as an iconic, proudly pop star. With a blend of honesty, beauty, and a palpable connection to her community, she’s shaping up to be one of the most consequential artists of her generation. As the countdown to the release of Scarlet continues, “Demons” stands as a tantalizing teaser of the musical feast to come.