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Maren Morris – The Bridge

Country superstar Maren Morris has released two tracks titled “Get the Hell Out of Here” and “The Tree” under the EP titled The Bridge – along with a pair of music videos to match. It follows the 2022 release Humble Quest. 

“The Tree” was produced by Greg Kurstin and “Get the Hell Out of Here” was produced by Jack Antonoff. Both of the tracks have such profound messages. With “The Tree” it’s more so Morris feeling alienated from the country music genre.

With “Get the Hell Out of Here” it’s a statement track, a part two to the tree burning. She said in the press release, “Being quite literally burned out, this is a story of me feeling pulled in every direction, needing everyone else’s understanding and acceptance but my own and how self-destructive that ultimately became. I relinquish control of trying to change everyone’s mind or bad behavior and focus on my own power going forward. Doing the right thing can feel lonely at times, but there are more friends than foes, so I finally quit making myself one of them.”

The accompanying music videos were directed by Jason Lester. In both clips, it depicts the singer-songwriter singing in a small town as store-fronts hang going-out-of-business signs, a nod to her departure from country music.

On The Bridge EP as a whole, she said in the press release, “These two songs are incredibly key to my next step because they express a very righteously angry and liberating phase of my life these last couple of years but also how my navigation is finally pointing towards the future, whatever that may be or sound like. Honoring where I’ve been and what I’ve achieved in country music, but also freely moving forward.”

Getting out of what feels familiar can be quite terrifying but at the same time can be freeing. It’s admirable that she can take this perspective and apply it to her own life—a definite girl-boss moment.

Voice, words, attitude. She’s got it all. Write it out, scream it. This is why she’s such an important voice to have in the music industry. Morris is absolutely everything and more! She has such a way of expressing herself. It’s always appreciated especially as a woman of country music that she’s unafraid to speak her mind when it comes to important causes such as LGBTQ+ rights and women’s right to their bodies.

We cannot wait to see where this new, freeing chapter of music takes the superstar.