Photo: Mattia Guolo

Matteo Bocelli

25-year-old Matteo Bocelli is the son of acclaimed Italian Opera singer Andrea Bocelli and he’s ready to let the world in on his debut solo record titled Matteo. The album features a mix of both English and Italian pop tracks in which he pays homage to his roots while also celebrating the culture that has embraced him and his family so lovingly.

Bocelli took the time to chat with us on Zoom to discuss his self-titled debut record, his new single “Chasing Stars” and much more.

“The creation process has been very long because I started writing sessions after the release of ‘Fall On Me’ which was the very first release I did with my father. Since then, I’ve been doing writing sessions with other writers and throwing ideas by myself as well. It’s been long because I started in 2020, it’s even more than three years. We wrote 100 songs and we started to release one single. Of course, we had the COVID pandemic so it wasn’t the right time to come out with a record so that’s the reason we waited. It’s been important for me because I had the chance to focus even more on the music and understand where I wanted to go with my music. Finally, I had a selection of 12 songs that really feel authentic to myself, also considering the phase of my life and that’s why I’m very happy,” Bocelli explained on the creation process of the record.

When it came to discussing if there was a particular track that was the most difficult to write that almost didn’t make the cut, he said that when he gets too stuck into something it means that he has to leave that idea behind for a moment and go back when it feels it’s the right moment to work on it.

“Most of the time songs to me come quite quickly but sometimes also it depends on the way you write. You have times where you just sit and a song comes out in less than an hour and sometimes you just record yourself like an idea and develop it in another day. There isn’t a particular track that’s been tough for me. For the performance, yes. There are some songs that are easier to sing. Some others that you have to put more effort,” he explained.

Photo: Mattia Guolo

There’s one song in particular that’s his favorite off the album, which is titled “Beautiful Disaster,” a song that is probably the most difficult to perform but that’s why he loves it so much. “Sometimes in life the toughest things to reach are the ones that we like the most,” he said.

“Chasing Stars” is Bocelli’s most recent single which was written by Ed Sheeran and his brother Matthew. It was a thrilling opportunity for the artist to have been able to feature the track on his record. He fell in love with “Chasing Stars” from the moment he heard it for the first time not only because of its beautiful melody but also the message behind it. “I found it very authentic to me even though it wasn’t written by me,” he said. It was a given that it needed a spot on the album.

“For the music video, it had to be delicate and simple. An element with a song, so it had to be more a mood and not a story. That’s what we wanted to recreate. It’s not even really about being romantic. It’s more of a reflective piece and gives a sense of calm and peacefulness. I think it’s really special,” the singer explained about the concept of the music video.

On what Bocelli hopes that listeners take away from his debut record he said, “I always say that 80% of the songs are love songs because love is something that we all experience. I write about love but sometimes it’s not only about what we literally write into songs, it’s also the way you are and the way you present yourself on stage and in interviews. To me, the goal is to leave a positive message that can make people feel better.”

The singer is set to hit the road this fall on his first solo headlining tour. He wanted to give the tour the title “A Night With Matteo” to give people the idea that it was going to be a truly intimate night with him. “I want the show to feel that way because it’s sort of an introduction for me with this first tour,” he said. “It’s gonna be me, a piano, and another musician will be on stage with me.  I’m gonna perform songs from my album and perform some covers that people will be expecting from my background. I really can’t wait to be there because I’ve been waiting for so long. It’s gonna be incredible!”