Zoe Wees – Lightning

Zoe Wees is gearing up for the release of her debut album, Therapy, by dropping the brand new confidence-boosting single “Lightning.” After securing her place as a bona fide singer-songwriter, Wees is ready to take her music to the next level, and her 20 track debut album will feature hits like “Control” and “Girls Like Us.” In just three years since she made her debut, she has amassed over three billion combined global streams, and “Lightning” is a testament to why she appeals to such a wide audience.

Supported by a dynamic sound and Wees’ raspy vocals, “Lightning” tells the story of growth and strength, but only if one refuses to give in or give up. “You thought that you were my whole damn world / That I’d fall and crumble when I got hurt,” she sings in the song’s opening verses, describing what a person expects from her in the aftermath of a relationship crumbling. However, she tells us that people’s opinions of her and their ideas of her weaknesses don’t define her. In a truly inspirational line, she goes on to pronounce, “It’s my motivation that got me here.”

Describing the inspiration and message of the single, she says, “For me, ‘Lightning’ is about pushing through all the doubt you get from those people who try to knock you down and underestimate you. When I’ve pushed through it all, I’ve found motivation that’s made me even stronger. Don’t ever doubt how powerful you can be.”

Wees first previewed the track on TikTok, with her label announcing that it will serve as the first single from her upcoming album. The single is set to be accompanied by a music video – out Wednesday 23 August – with Wees revealing that the song “has been such a big part of my healing process, and given me so much strength, I hope it does the same for you. Thank you for all your love and support Wingz 🤍 there is so much more to comes.”

The 21-year-old German artist has been hailed for making “vulnerable pop anthems” that inspire positive messages like togetherness and standing in solidarity with girls around the world. Her powerful vocals is another element of her artistry that people find unique, and whether she’s singing about struggles or triumphs, or the complex issues that shape our existence, her lyrics always bear a meaningful message. It’s not a wonder that so many people connect and feel emboldened by her music.