V – Love Me Again

BTS’ V is embarking on his solo journey with this slow-burning love song that’s about desperately seeking to win someone’s affection, again.

You left me / Took those memories with you / But even now, I can’t let you go, let you go / Is that all you have to say? / One word, that’s it? / If ever you regret this / Won’t you let me know? Let me know?” he sings in the first verse of the soothing R&B track.

The song sees him become upfront and honest about how he still feels, in the hopes it might help reignite the love they used to share in the heart of his former lover. “Fine, I will be honest with you / Put it all out there / I think about you all the time,” he sings, adding that he’s lost now that it’s all over. His dearest wish, he says, isn’t finding love anew, but finding it once more in that one person’s eyes.

It’s a strong song for a debut and the ARMY are already lapping it up and loving it for its completely vulnerable message. The song tells us about a love so strong and beautiful you don’t ever want to move on from it.

This line from the second verse perfectly captures the way we feel when we’re stuck wishing an ex feels enough to hurt in your absence, as he sings, “Am I the only one like this? / Are you okay if I’m with someone else?” 

BIGHIT described the song as a “1970s romantic soul style track [that] exudes a laid-back and free-spirited feeling.” Apart from being V’s debut solo song, it’s also the lead single to his upcoming project Layover. The record will feature six songs: “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “Love Me Again,” “Slow Dancing,” “For Us” and a bonus track piano version of “Slow Dancing.”

Accompanying the single is a stunning visual that sees V singing about his sorrows into a mic for an unseen audience. Since the song and its video dropped, the ARMY has helped it to chart in multiple charts around the world, even earning a top trending video on YouTube with over 30 million views at the time of this writing.

V’s “Love Me Again” follows solo efforts from his fellow BTS members: from Jung Kook’s Billboard Hot 100 topper “Seven” featuring Latto to Suga’s D-Day, which arrived in April, and Jimin’s FACE (including the Hot 100 No. 1 “Like Crazy”) in March.

The band also celebrated their tenth anniversary this year with a song that thanks their reliable fanbase for sticking by their side through all this time.