Talia Mar – Forget About Your Ex

If Talia Mar is determined to make you forget about your ex, rest assured she’s going to succeed, even if she has to play it coy and become a movie star or act a freak. Probably that’s why she wrote a song about it and it’s so good. “Forget About Your Ex” is a dance-worthy track about being exactly what your love interest needs to get over an ex, but in a fun and sexy way.

Ooh la la, who’s in charge?” she asks in the song’s opening line, going on to sing about all the things she can bring to the relationship, like playing any role that would keep the partner deeply interested. “Damn, that Sutra got some movin’ parts / Yeah, the homework’s hard / On your birthday I won’t give you cards, but if you want / I can be your little movie star, did I go too far?”

She goes on to promise that her relationship works full time, through the weekends and in the AM and PM. The outro helped bring out the song’s true quirky energy, as she sings, “I’ll make you forget about your ex / Oh, your ex / Your ex / Oh, tell me did you forget ’bout your ex? / Uh, not yet, not yet / Huh?” Overall, “Forget About Your Ex” is a pop song that’s got the right amount of catchiness and playing time to make you want to hit replay one more time.

Speaking of the song and the inspiration behind it, Mar said: “This is definitely my favorite song that I’ve made! I wrote it with some of my favorite people and it 100% captures the super fun, confident energy I wanted to write about. After releasing Self-Portrait which had such a deep meaning, I wanted to put something out that showed the fun and cocky side of confidence!”

A few days after the song was dropped, the music video dropped. The video sees Mar bump into a guy who was just dumped, and from there, he starts seeing her everywhere: in the diner, on the TV, and even at a mechanic’s shop. The funny thing is that we don’t really know if he’s imagining her doing those things or if she’s actually doing it, and if she is, well let’s just say she got a little naughty and leaked his tire so she could see him again.

Written by Mar, PopScar, and Lateshift, “Forget About Your Ex” will be featured on Mar’s upcoming project, alongside her hit single “Self-Portraits.” The album includes such titles as “365,” “Rumours,” “Single Bed,” “Made For You,” and others.