Su, I Think – Too Long

Su, I Think has spent all summer either making us fall into a rose-tinted trance (“eat me up”), or giving us the urge to crawl under the covers and overthink all our life decisions; there’s really been no in-between.

The latter emotions draw from her new track “Too Long,” in which we’re gruelingly faced with the thought of how much longer you can continue to run. From a lover? An old friend? Depending on your circumstances you’ll most certainly find a way to apply the song to your own situation, and then feel a rush of nostalgia and yearning to electrify your body.

On the release, Su explains: “It’s about questioning what even matters anymore and who’s still around to care. It’s about understanding your self-doubt and allowing yourself to move with the pain. I think it’s a common thing to question why you’re still at a party that you can’t remember arriving at. You have just got to keep going; otherwise what’s the point?

Whilst the track honors a more somber atmosphere sonically, it’s the attached visual that truly captures the song’s glowing aura. Supercuts of Su wandering the streets of London, to solo hangs by Bankside, and hosting your own sold-out gigs with your mates. Each of these memories has been rendered into a 2-minute and 15-second clip to illustrate Su’s livelihood south of the river. And it’s perfect.

“Too Long” was made possible with the help of collaborator Sfven, and it marks the first time the pair have created music together since acquainting last year. Videographer Andrea Zarco was responsible for the intricately portrayed visuals, opting to use old camera footage to forge together the raw atmosphere you see on screen.

Those that know Su personally know her desire to document and treasure each moment in life, which is why you’ll never catch them leaving the house without their quaint digital camera to hand. And we love her for it, as it allows her to self-shoot and compile personal footage to look back on, and if we’re lucky enough, we may sometimes get a glimpse inside that world, just like we have with “Too Long.”

Drawing a close on the video, we’re left feeling liberated for the future ahead. In each of Su’s releases, we see the artist grow to new heights, with us right there growing beside her. “Too Long” explores how time stops for nobody, and for us to live without the regrets of our past, and to surround ourselves with people that matter the most to us. It’s storytelling at its finest, and we’re itching to read the next chapter.