Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

New Rules – NOPE! 

We’ve all heard the story of this guy who goes after this girl because she’s dropping some signs, however subtle, only to be kicked to the curb when he makes a move. In my case, hours before listening to this song, I’d already heard a version of this age-old story, so you might imagine my surprise to settle into listening to New Rules’ latest release “NOPE!” and get to hear it one more time. In terms of relatability and just being plain fun, I’d give it an A.

I’m on your string / You’re pulling it / You love it cause I say nice things to ya,” they sing in the first verse of the dance-worthy track about being in love with someone who maybe loves them back. “You roll your eyes / But you blush a bit / It’s just enough to make me think / That you like me like I like you.”

Believe me, when you like someone, all you’re looking for is clues that they like you back, so every blush and hello becomes a sign.

Some lines indicate that there may be some sparks flying from the side of the other person after all, but they’re not certain about whether they want to show it. “I’m on my toes / You keep me guessing / You change your mind just like the clothes you’re in / You think that I / Would’ve learned my lesson / Ain’t giving up cause I got a suspicion.”

There’s also the possibility their love interest is just playing them, like the one from Charlie Puth’s “Attention,” “I know you know what you’re doing when you’re leaning in to me / But every time I try to get close / You’re like nope.”

Formed in 2019, New Rules is an English-Irish band comprised of three members: vocalists Alec McGarry and Nathan Lambert and bassist and vocalist Ryan Meaney. Their debut EP New Rules was released in December 2019 through AMLOR Music.

Prior to the release of their EP, the band had already scored a hit on the fifth season of the Irish television series Love Island with their debut single, “Fix Somebody.” They caught the attention of Little Mix and were invited to open for the British girl group on their UK & Ireland shows of “LM5: The Tour.”

The following year, they went on their first headlining tour, managing to sell out tickets to venues across the UK and Ireland. Soon after, they were announced as opening acts for the Irish band Picture This’ summer tour.