Madison Beer – Spinnin

Your world may be spinning out of orbit, but Madison Beer is convinced hers has stopped spinning altogether in her latest single, “Spinnin.” Wake Beer up when all is hunky-dory with the world, if not, let her take solace in her dreams.

“Spinnin” serves as the final single to be released from Beer’s sophomore album, Silence Between Songs, which is made up of 14 tracks including “Reckless,” “Home To Another One,” “Dangerous,” and “Showed Me (How I Deell in Love with You).” In an interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed that the project will feature some of her most personal works, saying, “There are some serious songs on the album that are about really emotional and personal things to me.” She also shared that fans will get to hear her explore her fractured relationship with her father, adding, “It’s something I’ve never really spoken about because it’s hard and I don’t want to air him out. But it’s also something that I feel has shaped me as a person. I do love him for who he is, even if some of the things he does hurts me.”

And she is right. “Spinnin” is a personal track that explores the feeling of being overly disappointed in reality, so much so that you want to always escape from it. In “Spinnin,” we hear the full force of Beer’s signature vocal and singing style, as she takes us on a slow-burning journey of sadness. She opens the piano-heavy track with the chorus, singing, “Did the world stop spinnin’? / Nothing seems to change / I’m stuck at the beginning, and I’m in pain / Did the sun stop risin’? / ‘Cause the sky’s so grey / Did the world stop spinnin’ today?”

Somewhere along the line, she asks whether the world’s the one that’s no longer spinning or she. “I woke up, fell back to sleep (Slee-ee-ep) / ‘Cause I’d rather live in my dreams” are lines she repeated on both verses, probably to draw attention to the level of pain that’s keeping her from being enthusiastic to meet a new day.

Prior to the release of “Spinnin” on August 18, Beer teased the single on social media with snippets from the accompanying music video, along with notable lines from the song.

In the music video, Beer is just trying to get through a chaotic day after waking up to the morning sunrise. “Spinnin” serves as the opening track for Silence Between Songs, with the pop song being written by Beer, One Love, Leroy Clampitt, and Kinetics.