Kamille – Time To Kill

Kamille is gearing up for the release of her self-produced mini-album, K1, and to make fans excited for the new project, she has decided to drop another single. In “Time To Kill,” Kamille celebrates the joy of falling in love and having all the time in the world to spend in her lover’s presence. While being a bop, the song contained influences like classic 80’s disco that’s driven by funk beats and infectious melodies. “Time To Kill” serves as a happy counterpart to the more sad single preceding it, “Muscle Memory.”

I said, I know how to make you weak all night long / Got you on your knees ’til you leave in the morning / Make you wanna stay, beg me, please don’t go / Boy, you should’ve known my body comes with a warning (Ooh) / So take it slow, ’cause we got time for that,” she sings of her ability to give a lover the best time ever, as long as he doesn’t rush, adding, “Do the shit I like, I make you mad for that / Never (?) that I’m the best you ever had/Day dreamin’ all day, gon’ remember that.”

Speaking via a press release, Kamille says of the single, “I love that feeling when you just want to spend all your time with the one you love, when time feels like it stands still. This song is all about embracing that moment.”

With multiple platinum-selling singles – a staggering 34 – Kamille continues to show that she’s one of the biggest UK stars around, and she’s only going to keep getting bigger. Apart from writing and producing her own massive hits, the singer-songwriter-producer is behind hits by other successful singers like Little Mix, Dua Lipa, RAYE, Kylie Minogue, Stormzy, FLO, and so many others. When people say that an artist is prolific and good, they probably mean Kamille.

The London native has also managed to score six number-one singles in the UK, and her latest song “Time To Kill” is generating the right kind of buzz from fans that it could well secure a comfortable spot in the charts.

For this song, Kamille proved that you can actually be a one-woman band, as she wrote and produced the track all by herself. “Time To Kill” is coming after the success of her song, “Options,” featuring Bellah and Tamera. “Options” was named Tune of The Week for two weeks in a row on BBC Radio 1.