Photo: Mike Excell

Jorja Smith – GO GO GO

Who wants to go go go for Jorja Smith’s infectious new single, “GO GO GO?” I know I do. In her latest “whatever-type” song, the 26-year-old perfectly paints the picture of a person who doesn’t like sticking around for the long term. In fact, if the relationship starts looking like it’ll last long, then know that you’ve overstayed your welcome.

You like to feel a way about it all / I don’t feel like I care anymore / You like to kiss and tell about it all / I don’t know you that well and I’m not tryna get to know you,” she sings in “GO GO GO’s” first verse, introducing us to a relationship that’s run its course.

If you’re thinking that it doesn’t sound like Smith, that’s okay, she’s in her alternative era and is prepared to experiment with her musical styles. This time she served us a pop-rock vibe that’s designedly to get stuck in our heads. Speaking about the song via a press release, she refers to “GO GO GO” as “kind of a f you song,” adding, “Why do people have to kiss and tell, kind of vibe. I’m in my little alternative bag, but I’ve always kind of been in it. People might be like, ‘I didn’t expect this’, but I’m like: ‘well, I would!’”

The track was accompanied by a video directed by Amber Grace Johnson and sees Jorja Smith wake up one morning and just decide to quit her relationship. She packs up her things, and heads to the car, leaving the bewildered boyfriend chasing after her. We then see her at a party and she clearly shows us just how ready she is to hook up with someone new. One of the things fans love her for is that her visuals always carry a message and It’s easy to see that the message behind this video is that she never looks back every time she moves on.

Smith wrote the song with Edith Nelson and Barbara Boko, with Nelson and Boko also serving as her backup singers alongside Jasmine Kayser.

“GO GO GO” is a song from her upcoming falling or flying album – out September 29. Prior to the release of the single, she teased it on her socials with a snippet from the video and promoted it with words printed on a top she wore on the video: “Get your medal on.” On release day, the song was premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Jack Saunders.