cignature – Smooth Sailing

Summer may be nearing its end, and the K-pop group cignature has the perfect new release to round out the season. Released on August 29, “Smooth Sailing” is the lead single from the group’s new EP Us in the Summer.

Us in the Summer album is so precious as it is drawn with memories of hot and happy days that we can show you the refreshing feeling and bright energy of summer,” cignature member CHAESOL shared about the album in a press release.

With its warm weather and ideal vacation time, summer represents a time to relax and live life in the moment. Because of this, summer loves are often viewed as being carefree but memorable romances. While Us in the Summer explores many themes including breakups and independence, “Smooth Sailing” is a quintessential summer track. As the name of the title track suggests, “Smooth Sailing” is a song about a lighthearted love.

In the song, members JEEWON, SEMI, CHAESOL, SELINE, CHLOE, and DOHEE sing of a trivial love they want more of because of how easy the relationship is.

Boy I’m singing / La la la la la la la la la / My soft heart / Keep me singing / Oh, gimme more, gimme more / Baby, it’s a simple game / You’re next to me and I’m next to you, I don’t need any more words / So, give your heart to me Yeah / It’s smooth, smooth sailing,” the K-pop group sings in “Smooth Sailing.”

The single opens with an array of percussion and brass instruments, and the intro in cignature’s “Smooth Sailing” feels reminiscent of iconic character introductions from sitcoms of the 1980s and 1990s. This adds an effect of nostalgia to the song, making it the ideal bridge between the end of a carefree summer and the start of a wistful fall.

JEEWON, SEMI, CHAESOL, SELINE, CHLOE, and DOHEE’s voices are bright and cheery over a steady percussion beat, effectively portraying the gleeful love depicted in “Smooth Sailing.” Neither production nor voices overpower each other, and instead, the music and cignature’s vocals work in harmony.

Fans are accustomed to seeing cignature promote as a seven-member girl group with J9 Entertainment. However, because of BELLE’s activities on the SBS’ audition program Universe Ticket, she does not appear on “Smooth Sailing” or Us in the Summer. While fans of the K-pop group are sure to miss BELLE’s presence on the album, cignature created a flawless summer track with “Smooth Sailing.”