Charlie Puth – Lipstick

Charlie Puth is okay being marked by a lover in the sultry new track that serves as the lead single from his upcoming fourth studio album. The sensual song, which is a collaboration between the “Attention” hitmaker and producers Happy Perez and Pop Wansel, is accompanied by a video that zooms in on mostly shirtless Puth.

The song is a true Puth song through and through. And yes, his signature high notes came in handy as he assures his lover of her security in his love. Ahead of the release of the song, Puth told fans that it marks the start of his new era, adding that “it’s also one of my favorite mixes I’ve ever done. I think it’s damn near perfect…”

Very few men can make a lady feel secure in a relationship as Puth did with this song. “Baby, I think it’s time we post a picture / Tell your momma and your sister you got a man / ‘Cause I’m your man (Yeah) / And lately, I’ve been thinking ’bout the future / We can make it more than rumors / That I’m your man ’cause I’m your man,” he sings in the song’s first verse. At some point, he even encourages her to sort of take advantage of him, as long as it is something that makes her happy.

So if you’re Puth’s lover, just know that “you’re the one who gets it all the time.” “Lipstick” is sort of like an anthem that celebrates love, with the promise of future security in the relationship. The message is beautifully delivered by the soulful instrumentation, the intricate production, and best of all, his velvety vocals.

Puth promoted the song by sharing snippets of it on his TikTok page to positive fan reaction. He first built hype around his upcoming release on 28 July, when he shared that the “first song on the new album [is coming] sooner than you think.”

Following the release of his album CHARLIE, Puth set out for his “One Night Only” tour, welcoming fans around the world up close and personal as he shared his latest album and his greatest hits. Puth is now back on the road for “The CHARLIE Live Experience Tour,” recently wrapping the North American leg and soon setting out for Asia and Australia.

In March, Puth released the short film That’s Not How This Works with fellow artist Sabrina Carpenter. He soon followed the project with a song, featuring Dan + Shay and Carpenter.