CANNONS – Desire

Los Angeles-based alternative and electric pop band CANNONS recently released their sensual new single “Desire” ahead of the release of their latest project Heartbeat Highway. The song is the second single released after their first single “Loving You.”  “Desire” is a sister song to “Loving You,” which also utilizes dreamy synths and instrumentals to beautifully capture passion, yearning, and the excitement that comes with initial attraction and the spark with someone new. 

“Desire” is written and produced by CANNONS and made its first debut during their Coachella set earlier this year. The song perfectly encapsulates the physical and emotional aspects of pining for someone that’s almost out of reach. The band also released an 80s-themed visualizer to pair with the new single and represents the band’s overall vibe for the single and the latest era of music. 

“Desire” captures the all-consuming nature of passion and desire in the band’s electro-pop style. The mesmerizing vocals of lead singer Michelle Joy transports listeners to a rosy, dream-like state.

The hazy instrumentals really encapsulate the sensual lyrics that describe desire’s power. Lyrics like, “I’m holding you tightly / Bathing inside your glow / ‘Cause I got a fire / I feel it starting to grow” first describes how captivating their muse can be and how desire can cloud all of your judgment and senses. 

The chorus repeats “I can’t stop thinking about you” throughout the song to emulate the pattern of thoughts that takes over when someone first captures your imagination and the ongoing yearning that ensues whenever they’re not around. The song and desire all reach a fever pitch in the bridge of the song, where they plead with their muse to be let back into their head and heart and how “I get so carried away lookin’ in your eyes / You spark a fire and I just can’t dеny.” The song eventually ends with the lyrics “Here just thinking about you / ‘Til the stars burn blue” and fades away, leaving them and listeners in the haze. 

Later this month, CANNONS will embark on its Heartbeat Highway tour, which will span over 23 cities in the US. The band will play shows at New York’s Brooklyn Steel and Los Angeles’ iconic Greek Theatre. Along with their performance at Coachella earlier this year, CANNONS have also performed at Bleached Festival in San Diego just this past weekend. 

“Desire” is now available to listen to across all streaming platforms.