Baby Queen – All The Things

Baby Queen is an inconsolable lover in “All The Things” – “inconsolable” as in, she won’t be happy unless she meets up with her lover. Yep, that’s Quarter Life Crisis for you.

I watch a film from beginning to end / But it doesn’t entertain me, it just hurts my head / I don’t wanna go out and see my friends / They used to make me happy, now they bore me to death,” Baby Queen sings of how life has become mundane and disinteresting to her whenever her lover isn’t around to brighten things up.

Even though the single will be featured on Baby Queen’s upcoming deluxe version of Quarter Life Crisis, it was written and inspired by Heartstopper, a Netflix show comedy-drama series. The alt-pop singer has contributed six songs to the show, all of which feature in the 21-track deluxe version of her debut album – out October 6.

Speaking on the single, Baby Queen said: “‘All The Things’ draws inspiration from the relationship between two of the main characters in Heartstopper called Tao and Elle, but also encapsulates the emotions I was feeling very strongly at the time of writing it, so it’s a very personal song to me. It’s about being so enamoured with a person that the things that once brought you happiness don’t hit or affect you in quite the same way because all the things you used to want to do, you now want to do with that person by your side.”

For the production and writing of the song, Baby Queen worked with her long-time collaborator, King Ed, who is behind previous singles like “Dream Girl” and “We Can Be Anything.”

The album itself is a journey of self-discovery, with Baby Queen saying that it represents the early stage of adulthood. She said: “This album tells the story of my journey through my early 20s – leaving my childhood and my adolescence behind but never really losing my childlike wonder and never quite growing up. The songs are all facets of what early adulthood has been like for me while discovering new parts of myself, my sexuality, my past and my place in this world. It has been lonely, chaotic, beautiful, devastating and inspiring and I think these songs reflect that, creating a space in which innocence and experience can live side by side as two conflicting entities.”

The songs on this album will reportedly serve to highlight the complexities of life and of human beings, as we all strive to figure out our purpose on this planet we call Earth.